François Dimberton

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

François Dimberton (Paris) started his career drawing the adventures of Pif le chien. Then, he worked for Tintin, Spirou, Mickey, wrote realistic scripts for the Éditions Glénat (including David’s biography) and became in the 1990s the assistant of Michel Greg (Achille Talon). For JUNGLE!, he wrote the scripts of the biographies of Gainsbourg, Coluche and Johnny. He is not only scriptwriter, but also youth illustrator and press designer.

Gainsbourg – Editions Jungle
Serge Gainsbourg, son of Russian immigrants, has revolutionized French music of the 1970s. His deliberately commercial approach, originating from his own failure in text songs, has upset the codes of popular songs.
This fury to win his place in a field that wasn’t his own made him fly too close to the sun. As a result, he started to produce masterpieces.
Serge Gainsbourg, a great poet drowning his childhood dreams in alcohol, reminds us that ambiguous feelings lead nowhere.