Thomas dhellemmes

Photographer of the Photo4Food Foundation at the 2020 contact sheets festival

Thomas dhellemmes
Thomas dhellemmes

Guest of the Photo4Food Foundation at the 2020 Contact Plates festival

Thomas Dhellemmes has been passionate about photography since childhood. After artistic studies, he moved to the Cape Verde Islands, then back to Paris, he decided to devote himself fully to photography.
He leads a life of photographic commissions (lifestyle, gastronomy, luxury ...) with Atelier Mai 98 - the photographic creation studio he founded - and personal artistic projects. His artistic work begins with ektachromes with "Un regard sur le Cap-Vert" (1986-88) and "Silent Promenade" (1989), then continues in black and white with the film Ilford ("Married (s)" , 1990-98). Since 2000, he has expressed himself mainly through his Polaroid SX-70. His photographs speak of existence, the fragility of life and its transience. He maintains a mysterious distance from his subject. “Photographing has always been a strong act for me, which I carry out with modesty and rarity. »Thomas Dhellemmes

Take the time to explore Normandy, on the way of customs officers or smugglers along the coast. The sea as a horizon, all the dreams it brings. To venture into an unknown path, to look, to relate to a form. Just feel, touch, don't get too close. Go in search of a state of grace. On the trail of the many spirits of painters, writers and photographers who have influenced my life.

Thomas dhellemmes


The Photo4Food Foundation's mission is to finance meals for the most disadvantaged through the sale of art photos taken by young artists, and the reception of donations from the public. These artists donated some of their works for the benefit of the foundation. The foundation, to thank and encourage them, also promotes their work to a large community of enthusiasts and buyers, in particular by organizing exhibitions of the main works.

Auction: October 23, 2020 - Salle des Fêtes - 118 ter, Avenue de la République. 

Exhibition from October 17 to January 3, 2020 - On Deauville beach, in front of the Point de vue. 


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