Become a partner of inDeauville

6 good reasons to be a partner

6 good reasons to become a partner of inDeauville

  1. Take advantage of our notoriety and reach all your targets: French and foreign tourists, individuals or professionals, but also our large local clientele of secondary residents and inhabitants. And of course, be recommended in priority by our Reception and Promotion teams.
  2. Promote your communication on quality web and print media, adapted to new customer expectations and take advantage of our large distribution network (tourist information offices, places with high tourist traffic in each town, at our commercial partners, downloadable at Receive our documents free of charge and regularly to offer them to your customers and reciprocally distribute your documentation in our 6 tourist information offices.
  3. Join our 500 partners who are already working with us on the attractiveness of the region, thus associating you with a dynamic that does not escape the attention of investors and tourism entrepreneurs and thinking with our team about actions to promote your sector. Develop your network during our meetings.
  4. Benefit from the expertise of our team, which is available all year round, and thus optimize your image (customized advice, highlighting of your content and services, etc.). Take advantage of the full entry of your information in the TOURINSOFT tourist database, which makes you visible on the general tourist sites of Normandy.
  5. Access the partners' toolbox (photo library, video library, useful information, inDeauville tourism news, etc.) and broadcast your tourism-related events on our site.
  6. Use the inDeauville brand on your promotional documents

How to become a partner?

By subscribing to one of our advertising offers, varied and complementary offers, adapted to your activity and your budget.

ON OUR WEBSITE is THE SINGLE tourist website of the territory, common to all the communes:
A magazine site, affinity, inspiring and responsive, but also sales and practical, which includes all the steps of a traveler's journey: "I am inspired", "I prepare", "I am there", "I book", "Agenda".
A territory website but also an entry by municipality, popular with the inhabitants and secondary residents, which highlights the commercial and tourist activity of the territory: "Where to sleep", "Where to eat", "Shops and Services", "Leisure", "Transport".
Who is it for? All types of activities: accommodation, restaurants, leisure, shops, services, transport, etc. (1)
How do you do it? Via a WEB PACK - like a detailed advertorial of your establishment - which includes :
- A descriptive, appealing and sales text of your offer and your assets that we help you create
- An audiovisual platform, designed to host several photos and a video (provided by you) that showcase your establishment and your services
- All your contact information with direct links to your website, your booking tool, your social networks, your e-mail and your telephone number
- The geolocation of your establishment.
- Downloadable documents (for example, your menus, treatment cards, property promotion brochure, product catalog, etc.)
- Your detailed services (reserved for leisure activities and event organizers) on additional pages and the possibility to sell them directly via our site
- Your availability (only for accommodation providers)

The site in figures: 974,285 connections in 2022 (up from 956,255 in 2021), including 14% from abroad


They are distributed in our six tourist information offices, in places with high tourist traffic in the region and at our partners' offices (approximately 250 distribution points), and can be downloaded from
Publication: 1st semester 2023 (except for the 3rd and 4th quarter event calendars)

Our thematic editions of seduction

These are the guides of the collection "Les histoires a partager".

In our guides by sector: nature, horses, gastronomy, coastline, etc. - Annual publication
Each guide has its own audience, or how to reach an identified target, with high added value in a guide that, icing on the cake, has only a limited number of advertisements, which increases your visibility.

For whom? All types of activities and events, subject to membership in a web-pack for hosts and restaurateurs. (1)

How? Via a page of advertising (inside page or 4th, 3rd and 2nd cover) or ½ page in the address book at the end of the guide. (Preferential rate on the 2nd page purchased in another guide "Les Histoires à partager")

10 GASTRONOMIC STORIES 130 addresses of restaurants, shops and gourmet services to enjoy inDeauville
12 STORIES ABOUT HORSES Where can you be closer to the horses? Almost everywhere in Deauville! And even in the unexpected places listed in this guide
12 STORIES TO SHARE AND LIVE IN NATURE Countryside, cliffs, forests, gardens, bicycles, eco-friendly accommodations, etc. are told in this very green guide
12 STORIES TO LIVE BY THE SEA Summer or winter beach? Lounging or sailing? Magnificent villas or waterfront restaurants? This guide illustrates the seaside and nautical atmosphere of inDeauville

City maps

Where ? on the map of your commune (it is the most distributed document in our reception offices!) or on the inDeauville territory map* - Annual publication
6 editions (Blonville/Bénerville/Tourgéville - Deauville - Touques/Saint-Arnoult - Villers-sur-Mer - Villerville + inDeauville territory map)

Who is it for? Reserved for businesses, services and leisure activities located in the communes of the inDeauville territory concerned, excluding accommodation and restaurants (1).

CITY MAP - One or more headings in the Shops & Services section of each city on the back of the map
CITY MAP - Single insert: 4th cover of the folded city map
MAP OF THE TERRITORY - Single insert: 4th cover of the map of the territory

The book of good addresses

Where? on this directory of accommodation, leisure activities, transport, outings, etc. in the region - Published annually
This is the essential all-in-one document for all your targets!

Who can use it? All types of activities and events, subject to membership in a web-pack for hosts and restaurateurs. (1)

How can we do it? Via an advertising insert (1 page, 1/2 page or ¼ page)

Full page: 4th, 3rd, 2nd cover (148.5x210mm) or inside page (135x185mm)
1/2 page inside (90x185mm)
¼ page inside (45x185mm)

Calendar of events

A day-by-day calendar of major events and all the activities, exhibitions and guided tours of our destination. They are eagerly awaited every quarter!
4 quarterly editions (January/February/March - April/May/June - July/August/September - October/November/December)
Purchase of space by edition or by annual subscription (Interesting : sliding scale of charges !)

Who can use it? All types of activities and events, subject to membership in a web-pack for accommodation and restaurant owners, to promote an establishment, a particular event, a program or a specific offer. (1)

How can we do this? Via an advertising page (inside page or 4th, 3rd and 2nd cover). In order to give pride of place to events, our calendars include only a limited number of advertisements, which reinforces your visibility!


In the newsletter "Ma Semaine inDeauville" which arrives every Monday in the mailbox of 14535 subscribers (as of September 30, 2022). It's the ideal medium to reach a clientele of residents and second homes, but also simply, regulars in love with inDeauville!
Single issue or subscription for several issues according to the date of publication of your choice.

Who is it for? All types of activities and events, permanent or occasional

How do we do it? Via a banner - provided by you or that we can help you create from your elements - linked to your site or to a special information page on

SERVICE + Graphic design

You want to advertise in one of our brochures but you don't know how to make your insert? No problem, our (talented) graphic designer takes care of (almost) everything! From the elements that you entrust to her (photos, text, logos, etc.), she creates your original advertisement for you.

Contact us

Your only contact

inDeauville's partnership center

02 31 14 40 04

(1) The SPL de Développement Territorial et Touristique - Territoire de Deauville reserves the right to refuse, even during the execution of an insertion order, any partnership, advertisement, web-pack or other advertising visibility that appears to be incompatible with its quality policy, its communication strategy or its editorial line, the tourism interests it represents, or in the event of non-validity of the supporting documents requested for membership. Consult our General Terms of Sale here.


Contact us :
+33 (0)2 31 14 40 00

Our tourist information offices :

Residence de l'Horloge
Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie
14800 Deauville
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Place Jean Mermoz
14640 Villers-sur-Mer
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32 bis avenue Michel d'Ornano
14910 Blonville-sur-Mer
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40 rue du General Leclerc
14113 Villerville
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20 Place Lemercier
14800 Touques
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Promenade Louis Delamare
(behind the first aid station)
14800 Tourgéville
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