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Carol Descordes

Guest of Art Shopping 2020

Born into a family of gallery owners who transmitted the culture and codes of classical art to her In 1998, Carol Descordes created her own photography and graphics studio "Le Studio 28" and collaborated with various magazines (Seasonal Cuisine, Gourmet Cuisine …) But also with major brands such as the agencies Paris Venise, Capital, Dragon Rouge…

In addition, it also works for caterers like Gaston Le nôtre. In 2008, she moved to the Perche hills on the edge of the forest and developed a photographic work whose central theme is the forest. This research has given rise to the publication of various works (My house, a trip to the edge, the Tree of the day, The almost true story of the Princess with the Peas, Perch spirit of the forests, etc.) as well as exhibitions.

In 2014, his meeting with the antiquarian Sylvain Chériau gave him the opportunity to combine his knowledge of classical art with his practice of culinary photography to begin the production of a new series of photographs on the theme of still lifes. .

My travel book