Departure of the circuit "Tourgéville in the country of the Horse"

1. From the Saint-Pierre de Tourgéville church (back to the car park), turn right onto Rue de l'Église. (here, a magnificent building, half-timbering, stones and half-timbered) to the D278a - Le Bourg.
The church of Tourgéville offers a set of several styles: the choir dates back to the XNUMXth / XNUMXth century, the nave has elements of flamboyant Gothic from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, Several restorations were carried out at the end of the XNUMXth century.

2. Take a right onto the RD 278a - Le Bourg. On your left, an old washhouse.

3. Facing the EDF transformer (right), turn left on Chemin du Moulin de Saint Arnoult.

4. At the crossroads turn right, then right again on the RD Chemin de la Croix Gentil.

5. At the Calvary, continue left on the departmental Chemin de la Croix Gentil.

6. Turn right onto Chemin de la Bruyère de Glatigny.

7. Turn left on Chemin du vert Clos (dirt road) to the D275 - Route de Beaumont. You will follow the Haras le Vert Clos then go around the Haras des Champs Braches.

8. Take the D275 - Route de Beaumont on the left.

9. Take a right on the Route de Saint-Etienne la Thillaye.

10. Take a right on Chemin des Champs Braches (small shaded road which becomes a dirt road). Nearby the Haras de Champs Braches.

11. Continue left on Chemin du Lieu de la Haie to Chemin du Quai au Coq.

12. Turn right (view on the heights of Beaumont en Auge) on Chemin du Quai au Coq until you cross the D275 - Route de Beaumont.

13. Cross the D275 - Route de Beaumont. And continue straight on until you cross the D118 - Route de Beaumont.

14. Turn right onto the D118 - Route de Beaumont.

15. After entering a property, turn right onto the dirt road (red and white markings with a few wet passages and wooden walkways) to the cross. On the left, the Haras les Aunais.

16. Cross and take opposite on the Chemin de la Croix Gentil.

17. Turn left, then left again until the D278a - Le Bourg.

18. Turn right on the D278a - Le Bourg to the Saint-Pierre de Tourgéville church.


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