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Departure of the circuit "Le Val de Villerville et Cricqueboeuf"


1. Departure from the Tourist Information Office. Cross the road and take the road opposite Rue Thomas Jean Montsaint.

2. Pass in front of the Castle (La Ferme du Château) dating from 1653 and built on the ruins of an old manor. Property of lords of Villervill until 1905, it is now known as the Ferme du Château since the De la Porte des Vaux family set up a biodynamic market gardening activity. At the end of the street turn left on Chemin du Bout du Haut. You will pass a belvedere which offers a panorama and pieces of trough to be ground which serve as benches.

3. Join the Provincial Road 62 and turn right, admiring the rear part of the Ferme du Château with its ponds, beech trees and redwoods. The Fort of Villerville is on the left, built in 1889 it was the property of the Army until in the years 1936-1939. Continuing the descent we are faced with a panorama of the estuary and the English Channel.

4. At the intersection take Chemin du Fort on the left for 800 meters and admire the panorama.

5. Turn left on Chemin du Petit Paris, the name of this path comes from the distortion of "petit pâtre". Observe the beautiful residences including the Dîmière dating from the XNUMXth century.

6. 100 meters further, turn left onto Route Départementale 513 near a XNUMXth century Romanesque church, then reach the center of Villerville.

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