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Departure of the circuit "Between Saint-Arnoult and Tourgéville"

Saint-Arnoult town hall


1. Departure from the town hall of Saint-Arnoult. Take the direction of Tourgéville along the Avenue de la Vallée for 600 meters.

2. Turn right and enter the Rue des Capucines subdivision and turn left at the end of it.

3. At the roundabout turn left and continue the road to the church of Tourgéville.

4. Go around the church on the left and take Chemin Solier dit des Ecoles to Croix Solier.

5. Take the direction of Bénerville-sur-Mer on the left on Chemin des Rollets.

6. At the end of the path take the road to the right for 200 meters.

7. Turn left and follow the route of the GR 223 Rue Victor Moritz.

8. At Ferme Le Solier take a left then the first path on the right. At the end of the path turn right again towards the water tower.

9. Turn left on Chemin de la Mare à Touques.

10. Arriving at a place called "Les Forges" (Ferme de Lisors) turn left Rue de la Chapelle then go down Rue du Prieuré.

11. Take the grass path on the right then join the village roundabout and the town hall.

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