Young skipper supported by the City of Deauville and the Deauville Yacht Club

Eric Delamare, 18-year-old young Norman skipper, is on the start line of the SOLITAIRE URGO LE FIGARO 2017, counting on the support of the Deauville Yacht Club – his first club – and the City of Deauville. He managed to convince the "Jeunes talents" (Young talents) jury of the Normandy Region, which will support him for the next two years.

Eric Delamare has been always sailing with his family, member of the Deauville yacht Club. He attends the Dumont high-school in Caen and lives in Ouistreham. After having been sand-yachting since he was seven 7 (he won for three times the Norman championship), and competing with a 420 yacht, he fell in love with cruising sailing when he was 12. At 15, he used to sail alone on the Seine Bay. Very close to his first club – the Deauville Yacht Club – he will be carrying the values of Deauville and Normandy.

The City of Deauville and the Deauville Yacht Club will both financially support the skipper. In return, the commitment of Eric Delamare takes many forms:
- His yacht will bear the colours of Deauville.
- Staying in touch with Deauville and the Deauville Yacht Club throughout the sailing season, he will share his experience on Deauville websites and social networks.
- He is also committed to organize exchanges with the students of Deauville: younger students, at the Fracasse school, young members of the Deauville Yacht club, and especially, young high-school students, members of the "UNSS voile" and future students of the sports school section of the high-school/secondary school André Maurois.
- He will participate to major sailing events of the Deauville Yacht club and the City of Deauville.

Eric pays particular attention to share his experience with the young students of the U.N.S.S., the school he attended too. He aims at helping young apprentice students attending the sailing section in Bordeaux to reach the SOLITAIRE URGO LE FIGARO. To collect the necessary funds, he launched a subscription on the website: This financial contribution project seems to work properly and about fifty young people will be participating to the competition. In return to the donations received, some objects made by the A.S.T.A., Calvados association for the protection of nature and the reintegration of people excluded from the world of work, recycling well-worn sails, will be provided.