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Young skipper supported by the City of Deauville and the Deauville Yacht Club

Eric Delamare has always sailed with his family, a member of the Deauville Yacht Club. A student at the Dumont d'Urville high school in Caen, he lives in Ouistreham. After the sand yachting he practiced from the age of seven (he won the Normandy championship three times), the competition on 420, he became passionate about sailing on habitable from 12 years. Since his 15th birthday, he has often sailed alone on the Seine Bay and remains very attached to his original club - the Deauville Yacht Club.

The beautiful story between the City of Deauville and Eric begins in 2016. That year, the Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro started from the Morny Basin. We remember among the committed skippers of the young Cécile Laguette. Three days before the start, she had not found a sponsor to finance her race. The City of Deauville had given him last-minute support to encourage him. In return, Cécile had agreed to sponsor a young skipper from the Deauville Yacht Club, Eric Delamare. Under his wing, he was able to follow the entire race aboard an accompanying boat and benefit from his experience.

A year later, in 2017, Eric Delamare was himself on the starting line of the SOLITAIRE URGO LE FIGARO with the support of the Deauville Yacht Club - his original club - and the City of Deauville. He had then managed to convince the "young talents" jury of the Normandy Region who supported him for two years.

The City of Deauville and the Deauville Yacht Club will provide financial support respectively. In return, Eric Delamare's commitment takes several forms:
- His boat will wear the colors of Deauville.
- In contact with the City of Deauville and the Deauville Yacht Club throughout the sailing season, he will share his experience on Deauville's websites and social networks.
- He is more particularly committed to organizing exchanges with the school children of Deauville: the youngest of the Fracasse school, the young graduates of the Deauville Yacht Club and more particularly with the young high school students who are members of the UNSS sailing and the future pupils from the sailing school sports section of André Maurois secondary school / high school.

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