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Emile Degorce-Dumas


Guest of the 2021 L'Appel du Large festival

Emile Degorce-Dumas is fascinated by the ancestral and animist rites of his childhood, which he hybridizes with the codes of contemporary Western culture. Thus shaped, in sculptures or installations, he charges them with a sort of absurdity. Dreamlike, falsely naive and a bit distressing, they carry a powerful and contradictory power of attraction and repulsion, thus coming to question the deep roots of the role of magic in our contemporary societies. His work of observing nature transforms him in turn into an anthropologist, healer and even huckster, characters he plays especially during performances.


As part of the L'Appel du Large festival which will take place from July 2 to 4, 2021, Emile Degorce-Dumas is exhibiting a sculpture. More information on L'Appel du Large here.