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Deauville International Center - August 17 & 18, 2019

250 tattoo artists from around the world, more than 50 exhibitors and a program of concerts, artistic performances, shows, exhibitions and many other activities are expected for this 3rd edition.

For the public, tattooed or neophytes, curious and interested, the Deauville Tattoo Festival allows them to meet popular tattooists, who sometimes come from the other side of the planet, to get the tattoo of their dreams. For tattoo artists, the festival also allows them to exchange with other professionals and share their experience. At the end of the weekend, a prestigious jury will reward the most beautiful tattoos made during the event. Tattoo artists will receive the Deauville Tattoo Festival - Black Edition trophies according to the category presented: Old School / New School, Black and Gray, Color, Ornamental, Realistic, Best of day and Best of show.

Between two tattoos, the festival will highlight various and varied exhibitors around the tattoo culture: exhibitions of American vehicles, motorcycles, clothing stand, barber shop, jewelry and accessories ... Many artists and performers will also be present on stage for superb shows highlighting this primitive art that has become popular. Outside, on the Terraces of the Deauville International Center, food trucks, bars, solairum, DJ set and entertainment will take advantage of the moments of break.