In 1863, on the beach transformed in gallop track for the time of a tide, the very first equestrian race of Deauville started…The history of Deauville, since the creation of the resort under the Second Empire, is so closely related to horses that the city is currently considered the equestrian capital city of France.


Deauville, plage fleurie, collection RomanetDeauville, la plage Fleurie ©Collection Romanet
Le premier hippodrome de la Touques ©DR
Spectateurs aux courses par © Yul Brynner


Under the impetus of the visionary Duc de Morny, the role of horses was highlighted since the beginning in the small town of Dosville: after the marshes desiccation, the racecourse was built (1864) before the church of Saint Augustin. In 1928 the opening of the Clairefontaine racecourse strengthened the already prestigious reputation of Deauville in the equestrian world.

Currently, the Touques and Clairefontaine hippodromes attracted the best horses and jockeys in the world, competing over more than sixty days, and turned the Deauville airport into the first French airport for horses’ transportation. In addition to these two hippodromes, Deauville hosts the Elie de Brignac auction room in which the famous yearling sales take place every year. In 2010, the International Equestrian Complex was added to the equestrian facilities of Deauville.


1864: Creation of the Touques hippodrome
1899: Opening of the horse auction room
1928: Building of the Clairefontaine hippodrome
1983: Opening of the training centre of Touques hippodrome
2003: Implementation of an oiled sand-fibre track, known as "all time" track
2005: The horse sector of Basse-Normandie is labelized “Pôle de compétitivité”
2008: Creation of a winter polo field
2010: Creation of the Pôle International du Cheval


Over the years, Deauville has acquired a multidisciplinary know-how concerning the organization of equestrian events. Polo, jumping, dressage, eventing, para-equestrian dressage, horseball…And in most disciplines, the city decided to shine proposing world renowned events. If a famous polo tournament exists in France, it is the Coupe d’Or, closing the world championship in Deauville and including top names of international polo. Another interesting event is the Jump’in Deauville for the jockeys of the CSO (Show Jumping Contest), the traditional International harness racing contest for drivers and several national and international competitions organized in the International Equestrian Complex. Since its opening in 2010, this Complex hosts the International para-equestrian dressage contest ***, the only horse discipline included in the Paralympic games and since 2012 an International dressage contest ***. In 2013, the C.S.I.O (International Horse Jumping Competition) France for juniors, young jockeys and children was organized.