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Temple of equestrian sports

Temple of equestrian sports, the International Equestrian Complex is exclusively dedicated to the pluridisciplinary promotion of sports horses. This first-class indoor complex, open all year round, welcomes professionals, individuals and students. Its reception and organizational resources are unrivalled: pony club and horse club, horse owners’ stables, perfect facilities for intensive courses and horse training, regional, national or international competition areas, a venue for training and shows.

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A large indoor riding arena

- Track of 70x30 m, Toubin et Clément fibre surface
- Hosting capacity: about 900 seats
- The area may be organized differently to host the public: fixed stands, movable stands, jury tribune
- Platform for sound and light control
- Timekeeping equipment
- Image collecting and broadcasting equipment through screens placed around the tribunes and addressed to both the public and horse riders: broadcasting, videoconferences...
- Pre-equipment
- Direct access to the warm-up riding arena
- Warm-up riding arena: track of 40x20 m, Normandie Drainage fibre surface

Please note: all facilities meet the current standards concerning disabled people.

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The stables

- 4 bright and large stables: each stable is equipped with one or more saddleries with secured access
- A stable for horses in training
- A stable for owners' horses: 21 boxes with video access via the internet
- 2 stables for temporary horses
- 71 boxes in total with automatic waterers
- Saddleries for horse owners
- 5 showers
- Solarium
- Lunge ring with a diameter of 20 m
- 6-place walker
- Blacksmithing posts
- Nurse's office, launderette, toilets
- Grass paddocks

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The great outdoor riding arena

- 6350 m², Toubin et Clément Pro Sol surface
- Natural stands made in wood (2,000 places)
- Automatic irrigation
- Riding arena with sound systems and lighting
- Integrated jury tribune
- Adjacent warm-up riding arena

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Other equipments

- Bar/restaurant
- Meeting hall
- 3 sand paddocks
- 1 car parking lot/1 truck parking lot
- 50 places equipped with electrical boxes
- Concrete platform equipped with showers to welcome 160 boxes

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Practical information

Find all the details about these facilities on www.pole-international-cheval.com
14 avenue Ox and Bucks - BP 652 14804 Deauville Cedex
Phone: +33 (0)2 31 14 04 04 - Email: contact@pole-international-cheval.com