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There are two categories of galloping races, those with obstacles and those without obstacles, called "flat". It is on the racecourse of Deauville-La Touques that we can see the most in the year. It is particularly famous for racing on its long straight! It deserves its nickname of "4 seasons" racecourse with its program of around forty days of flat racing, the discipline where all the speed of thoroughbreds is expressed. In 2003, Deauville-La Touques was the first racecourse to inaugurate a fiber-sand track, which enables it to organize races in winter, when the snow whitens the Normandy countryside. Its grass track takes over in summer.

In accordance with the latest government measures, horse races will take place behind closed doors until December 1.

Valentin DESBRIEL - Scoopdyga
Valentin DESBRIEL - Scoopdyga


In August, the Deauville-La Touques racecourse concentrates on twenty days, a program of unparalleled richness and diversity with notably no less than six group 1 races, the races located at most high level of the horse racing scale. For a month, the largest thoroughbred owners in the world or representatives of large French and international casques meet in Deauville. Crack jockeys from all over the world, seduced by the excellence of the program, particularly appreciate participating in the meeting.


Deauville-La Touques occupies a very special place among French racetracks, as it is supplemented by a Race Horse Training Center, known to be one of the largest in Europe. It accommodates more than 400 horses all year round and more than 700 in summer! Discover the training center here.

The racetrack has also hosted AFASEC (Association de Formation et d'Action Sociale des Écuries de Courses) since 1988, a school of horse racing which aims to train the best.

Valentin DESBRIEL - Scoopdyga

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The Meeting de Deauville Barrière is renowned for its prestigious gallop races! For a month, 7 races will see the best French and international riders run. The Rothschild Prize opens the ball, followed by the Maurice de Gheest Prizes, Al Rayyan Cup Kesberoy Prize & Doha Cup Manganate Prize, Jacques Le Marois Prize, Morny Prize and Jean Romanet Prize. Like every year, the Lucien Barrière Grand Prix de Deauville closes the meeting.




In summer, the Deauville-La Touques racecourse implements a whole circuit to make the public discover all the tricks of horse racing. Among other things, a racing simulator will allow you to experience the race like a jockey and coaches will accompany you to introduce you to betting. For children, the Galop Kids Village is full of fun activities related to horses: inflatable games, pony rides, small horse games ... Many activities to discover all summer long with the family.


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