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August 23, 2018

Deauville Cheval / Discover the steeplechase

Bertrand Lestrade, double Cravache d'Or in Obstacle and Barbara Guenet, World Champion of FEGENTRI riders in 2014, introduce you to the discipline

River, Fence, Oxer, Stone Wall, Open-Ditch. Obstacles to names and various profiles crossed at high speed, the Grand Steeple-Chase of Deauville-Clairefontaine, it is the promise of a great show.

It's a real passion, we love horses more than anything and being able to make a career out of them is a great opportunity.

Clairefontaine, a field of celebration all summer

Sandrine Boyer Engel


The Clairefontaine racecourse can boast of being the only tri-disciplinary racecourse on the Normandy coast, hosting flat, trotting and obstacle courses exclusively on grass. Inaugurated in 1928, this charming racetrack with typically Norman buildings which passes for one of the most flowery in France is located just 2 kilometers from Deauville.
Three unmissable highlights: the Grand Steeplechase of the City of Deauville, the Grand Course de Haies-Guillaume d'Ornano and the Grand Prix of Clairefontaine, which closes the season every year.

On horseback in Deauville

In Deauville, the alleys are cavalier and the houses are named after galloping cracks. It is one of the few places where you can take your horse for the weekend or play polo all year round. You can also buy a horse with others, meet the best jockeys in the world, learn aerobatics, gallop on the beach in the early morning, train with a horse riding pro back from the Olympics.
Stories that we share every day and that are transmitted for the pleasure of thousands of visitors who have chosen Deauville for years.
Being a horse capital in Deauville means living all these stories and leaving with the pleasure still at hand to have touched a whole world with your finger.

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