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Deauville, great land of golf

Golf courts situated in Deauville or some minutes away from the city can satisfy players who are passionate for various, green and flowery courses. From lakes to bunkers, some courses are predominantly technical, while others, more fun-oriented, are sure to satisfy golfers in search of fresh air and relaxation… All golfers, independently from their technical level or their fantasy, may deal with various and complementary courses before relaxing in friendly club-houses.

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Nomandy and golf

About forty courses, from Dieppe to Granville and from Cherbourg to Bellême, turned this region into one of the favourite European destinations for golfers. You can find courses of any style and amazing features, signed by major architects: Tom Simpson, Bill Baker, Yves Bureau, Fred Hawtree, Robin Nelson, Colt and Alison are just some of the authors of these unique courses, built in exceptional places, by the sea, on cliffs, in dunes, forests, in the heart of bocages or on the hillside.

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Golf in figures

With 64 million players, golf is the most common individual sport in the world. About 25 million golf players are counted in the United States, more than 17 million in Japan, 3 million in England, including 900,000 licence holders. In France, about 670,000 people like playing this sport: 20,000 out of 400,000 licence holders live in Normandy.