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Bertrand de Robillard

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Bertrand de Robillard was born in Mauritius in 1952 where he still lives. Writer, he has published several texts in collective works, and sees his first novel published in 2003, The Man Who Leans, "a strange and penetrating tale, the written journey of a man who sets out in search of a stranger: himself" (Jacques Lindeker, L'Alsace). In addition, he has published several texts in collective collections, notably in the “Maurice” collection directed by Rama Poonooamy and Barlen Pyamootoo
After collaborating with a magazine for fifteen years, he is currently contributing to the cultural page of a daily newspaper, Le Mauricien.
He devoted himself several years to the song: three albums, a collection of songs (Blues Horizon) and the translation of French songs into Creole (Site Blouz).
At Editions de l'Olivier, he published The Man Who Leans (2003) et Endless distraction to the world (2011).


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