Thibault from Metz

Landscaper of the Presqu'île

A calm project for public spaces

The Arpentère paysagistes-Sogreah consultants consortium was selected by the City of Deauville to build the public spaces on the Touques peninsula, the first act of carrying out the project before the future construction of the various buildings and equipment. Thibault de Metz, landscaper, comments on these arrangements.
A design that faithfully reflects the composition of Xavier Bohl, architect author of the overall project adopted by the City in 200

When we started working, we discovered a site already inhabited by the design of Xavier Bohl. We entered into its approach by retaining mainly two things.
First of all the general spirit he wanted to give to the building: a strong architecture, colorful. Faced with the large presence of these constructions, we did not want to overbid but to pose a calm project for public spaces. This results in a selection of sober materials and plants.
The other strong element of the project is the landscaped park along the Touques. We set out to extend its hold to the foot of the façades, to simplify its design. This beautiful promenade is a link in the coastal path of Deauville.

The treatment of streets (floors, candelabras ...) is in the spirit of other Deauville streets. The choice of candelabra demonstrates this continuity of style: it is a mast from the early twentieth century, present in Deauville and witness to the industrial past of the peninsula. We are studying the possibility of republishing the old mast today.
The urban fabric is that defined by Xavier Bohl's plan with a network of streets, paths and squares. Without spurious traffic, the streets irrigate the neighborhood very well. The Place des Douanes, square of this noble building, allows a U-turn to return to Deauville and Trouville. Fishing quay, traffic is reserved for service vehicles and fishermen. The station platform is first and foremost the place for peitons and sunny terraces. Along the coast, a cycle path extends the existing one, to create continuity.
The strong points of this urban composition are the four new squares. These places of convergence all have their particularities, their contrasting atmospheres in connection with their environment or their roles.



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