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Guest at the Books & Music Festival 2016

René de Ceccatty has published several biographical essays which echo his intimate concerns, through the destinies of Pasolini, Leopardi, Sade, Sibilla Aleramo and even Maria Callas. He is also the author of a romantic work where the imagination mixes with his life. He published a biography of Alberto Moravia (2010) at Flammarion, Black marigold (2011) Raphaël and Raphaël (2012) et A renunciation (2013) on Greta Garbo. He is also a critic, playwright and translator from Italian and Japanese, and is an editor at Éditions du Seuil.


He will be present:

Sat April 16/15 p.m. - Viewpoint - Viva Italia Program
Meeting with Rene de Ceccatty & Bruno Coulais
René de Ceccatty, with his multiple hats - writer, editor, translator, playwright - is one of the greatest passers-by of Italian literature in France. He maintains a passionate relationship with music which is reflected in his work and in his artistic collaborations. Among these, his work with the composer - winner of 3 César - Bruno Coulais, creator of music for films such as Microcosmos, Les choristes or Le Peuple migrateur. During the festival, they will talk about everything that brings them together.

Sun April 17 / 16:30 p.m. - Casino Barrière Theater - Viva Italia Program
Musical reading with Fanny Cottençon, Antonio Interlandi & Mathieu El Fassi
Pier Paolo Pasolini is undoubtedly one of the major writers of 20th century Italy. Novelist, poet, filmmaker, playwright, he has built a dense and complex work. A tumultuous life reflected in his correspondence, which also reveals another facet of the character: the Pasolini songwriter.
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