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ANGELO Filippo

Guest at the Books & Music Festival 2016

Like the hero of his novel, Filippo D'Angelo was born in Genoa in 1973 and left Italy for France in 2001. A specialist in debauchery, he taught French literature at Stendhal University in Grenoble, at the University of Limoges and the New Sorbonne. He now devotes himself to writing and translating (notably works by the Marquis de Sade). The end of the other world is his first novel.


he will be present:

Sat April 16/16 p.m. - Villa Le Cercle - Viva Italia Program
Meeting with Filippo D'angelo, Giorgio Fontana & Alessandro Mari
Here are three young voices, three of the rising stars of Italian literature. Fully original voices. The first delivers, with The end of the other world, a provocative prose. The second, with Death of a Happy Man, won the famous Campiello Prize, placing him among the confirmed talents of the young generation. The third made himself famous by a remarkable first novel The Foolish Hope and is the translator into Italian of Patti Smith. Between them, they draw up a portrait of Italy by the romantic route and create a singular literary work to be discovered without delay.


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