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Antoine d'Agata


Guest photographer for the 2021 Planches Contact festival

Antoine D'Agata

A striking and unique figure in contemporary photography, Antoine d'Agata, born in Marseille in 1961, is a member of the Magnum Photos agency and represented by the Les filles du calvaire gallery. He lives and works in Paris and Marseille.

At the age of seventeen, Antoine d'Agata interrupted his studies to live in the night world. For twelve years, he travels through ten countries in which he lives. While staying in New York in 1991, without photographic experience, he enrolled at the ICP (International Center of Photography) and studied with Larry Clark and Nan Goldin. Since 2005, without a home port, he has been photographing around the world.

Antoine d'Agata does not try to show the world and its state. On the contrary, he gives us his own, the one he explores. Internationally renowned, his work has been the subject of numerous personal and group exhibitions. In 2018 he participated in the Eyes Wild Open exhibition at the Botanique de Bruxelles, bringing together nearly thirty major photographers, and in the exhibition Quel Amour !? presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille, alongside international artists. In 2017, he presented Codex at the Centro de Imagen de Mexico. He is represented by numerous galleries in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Barcelona and at the Les filles du calvaire gallery in Paris, where he exhibited his Atlas series in 2016. In 2015 his work was presented during a solo exhibition at La Termica in Malaga in Spain. He has published numerous books, including Antibody (ed. Xavier Barral), in 2013, coinciding with his major exhibition at BAL, in Paris. The same year the Odysseia exhibition is presented at the MuCEM in Marseille. Several of his works have entered public and private collections such as the CNAP (National Center for Plastic Arts) and the FNAC (National Contemporary Art Fund) in Paris, the National Library of France, the European House of Photography, the collection Fnac or the Forum für Fotografie in Cologne. In touch with the health crisis caused by Covid-19, its social and political resonances, Antoine d'Agata exhibited VIRUS at the Brownstone Foundation, an installation of one thousand photographs out of the thirteen thousand taken between March 11 and May 11, 2020 and thus prefigured the release, on October 29, 2020, of his new book published by Studio Vortex.

Antoine d'Agata in Normandy - Front lines 

Antoine d'Agata, between two trips to Mexico, came several times last winter to discover Normandy under curfew and thus traced his cartography of the region based on significant historical facts and on his experience of the territory.

Installation and projection

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