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Winter cure "Immunity Booster"
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Diane Normandy Barrière Spa, Deauville

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The end of year celebrations and winter weaken the body: dull complexion, dark circles around the eyes, migraines, fatigue ... The "Immunity Booster" treatment offers calm and serenity to regain energy and well-being. The cure is open from January to March.

The treatment is based on the unique concept Aerial Wellbeing for the Future exclusively at Barrière. It consists of three expert treatments:

  • Bio-energetic treatment : an integrative massage that focuses on energy meridians and acupressure points, providing a tonic and relaxing well-being. It is enriched with a mixture of essential oils of thyme, ravintsara and peppermint for immunity and which stimulate and regenerate the body.
  • Care for hot obsidians : this massage uses a volcanic stone, obsidian, known for its energizing properties. It stimulates the acupressure points of the back to activate the immune system and prevent colds.
  • Face treatment with phototherapy : this treatment combines acupressure with precious oils as well as phototherapy to stimulate the epidermis and increase the body's energy.
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