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from September 29, 2017 to June 22, 2017 - Deauville


The Cultural season is 20 years old! 20 years of discoveries and pleasures.

By celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Deauville cultural season, we can measure, with a simple retrospective look, how much this annual program of shows and concerts has revealed to us artists and remarkable shows. We were thus able to discover in Deauville, before they were acclaimed, artists welcomed today in major festivals and on the main national and international stages.

What you can discover this season:
29.09.17 / As long as something happens to us…
04.11.17 / El Cid by the Imaginary Travel Agency
08.12.17 / Scratch by Sophie Lamarche Damoure
21.12.17 / Franz Schubert by The soloists of the Easter festival
19.01.18 / Grisélidis by Coraly Zahonero
/ Café Polisson by Nathalie Joly
06.02.18 / TORDRE by Rachid Ouramdane
10.02.18 / The slave island of Marivaux
18.02.18/8/XNUMX / Love in words # XNUMX / Love, the words
23.02.18/XNUMX/XNUMX / Dick Annegarn
10.03.18 / Zwäi by Compagnie E1NZ
13.03.18 / Mehdi Cayenne and Samuele
24.03.18 / Elle ... Emoi de and by Emmanuel Van Cappel
07.04.18 / Sophie Alour invites ...
22.06.18 / Mozart, Schubert, Weinberg by Orchester de l'Opéra de Rouen Normandie

The Deauville Cultural Season is open to everyone. Affordable and diversified, it offers spectators emotion even when artists are unknown to them. Only one rule: be curious.

Philippe Normand - Head of cultural service