From October 16th 2015 to May 10th 2016 - Deauville

Cultural season 2015/16 

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The cultural season organizes between October and May about fifteen spectacles belonging to several fields: dance, classic music, jazz, theatre…The public will be glad to find – at affordable rates – major masterpieces performed in a new perspective and new tendencies.

To discover in this season:

> Merce Cunningham, the choreographer who reinvented everything, through his heir, Robert Swinton;
> Brassens’ music, performed by Alexis HK with the collaboration of François Morel, during an unforgettable evening;
> The Gogo Penguin, the group who obtained the prize of Best jazz album of the year, in England;
> The chronicles of the Palatine Princess, author of 6.000 letters about Versailles under the kingdom of Louis XIV;
> Erik Satie in a very nice TN.T show;
> The spiritism sessions of Victor Hugo in Jersey, in an amazing show.

You will be also glad to find artists that love Deauville and his public: the young soloists of the Easter Festival, the actors of the “Compagnie des Déchargeurs” that are preparing “L'amour en toutes lettres”, following the text by Florian Zeller, and “Blood wedding” by Federico Garcia Lorca.

Théâtre du Casino © Sandrine Boyer Engel©DelphB

The scenery: a wonderful theatre

This season is open to everybody. You don’t have to be a cultured person, you should just be curious.

Philippe Normand - Cultural service Director