Croquez inDeauville

The specialties of our land

The parasols of Deauville in one bite!

Eric Dufay has put all his knowledge and his attachment to Normandy into a unique and gourmet creation: the parasols of Deauville. Crunchy cookies combining the flavors of the Pays d'Auge such as apple, caramel and salted butter; the parasols of Deauville are delicately arranged in an exceptional box to be offered, shared or savored in secret.

Amazing! The baking mold for the parasols was created by an aerospace specialist!

Where to get it? 

Deauville Tourism, Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie 14800 Deauville


The honey of Deauville

To help stop the phenomenon of bee mortality - an essential species for the exchange of goods and the maintenance of biodiversity - the City of Deauville has set up beehives in the most suitable municipal locations.

Where to get it? 

Deauville Tourism, Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie 14800 Deauville

Deauville Market, Place du Marché

The cider of the Villa Strassburger

J-F. Lange

The amazing Villa Strassburger has over 190 apple trees in its gardens. In order not to lose their beautiful fruit, the villa decided to make cider from them. The apples are harvested, pressed and brewed on site.
The result? A raw and not very sweet cider, very aromatic. Each year no less than 1000 bottles of cider are produced, available exclusively at Deauville Tourisme.

Where to get it? 

Deauville Tourism, Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie 14800 Deauville 


Martine Lambert's ice creams and sorbets

Martine knows how to make any ice cream and sorbet lover melt with pleasure! She came to Deauville almost by chance to sell her creations on the beach in the summer, but it was in 1981 that she set up her store for good. Martine has a taste for good products; she carefully selects local ingredients that she sublimates into about fifty flavors. Which one will you choose first? Almond praline ? Tiramisù? Or passion fruit?

Where to get it? 

76 rue Eugène Colas, 14800 Deauville


The Petit Blonvillais with whole milk

These plain yogurts have the good taste of farm milk. Made in a traditional way, they bring back the most beautiful and greedy memories of childhood.

Where to get it? 

Ferme du Lieu Herpin, Carrefour des Forges de Blonville-sur-Mer, 14950 Saint-Pierre-Azif

Crèmerie Normande, 31 rue Michel d'Ornano, 14640 Villers-sur-Mer 


The frosted know-how at Luc's workshop

Luc is a master ice cream maker whose ice creams warm hearts. He elaborates the recipes and makes his ice creams and sorbets with real seasonal fruits and whole milk for more flavors! The cookie cones will make you melt with pleasure, especially the mint and chocolate cup which is both greedy and refreshing.

Where to get it? 

1, place Tivoli / 72 rue des Bains, 14360 Trouville-sur-Mer


The organic products of the Bouquetot eco-field

Formerly a large breeding farm in the Pays d'Auge covering 68 hectares, the eco-domain aims to be a place of reference for the development of innovative uses of natural resources. The objective is to valorize the land and the farm by the installation of ecological, economic and educational activities... The actors of the eco-field :

- Share farm: organic cattle breeding
- Spirulina farm: spirulina production
- Akal Food : production and marketing of spirulina and processed products
- Les Noctambules : tree houses
- Terricole : production of vermicompost
- Abeille noire : organic market gardening in permaculture and agriculture, beekeeping
- Des fleurs partout : production of ornamental and edible flowers
- Tea garden: tea growing and processing


Where to get it? 

Eco-domain of Bouquetot, Chemin des Broches 14950 Saint-Pierre-Azif


The beneficial green algae

First consumed in Mexico by the Aztecs, spirulina develops naturally in several freshwater lakes. It is only in the 60's that it became known in the West, starting its export and its production in ponds. Far from the big spirulina industries, Akal Food has chosen to settle in the Eco-Domaine of Bouquetot to produce a handcrafted spirulina in a reasoned permaculture way. Spirulina is an excellent source of vegetable proteins, iron, iodine and pro-vitamins A in addition to being alkaline. Come and taste this green gold in all its forms: in powder, in flakes but also in the amazing Spirtonic formula (with guarana, acerola, and spices) to gain vitality and boost yourself. To be enjoyed in an apple juice, or in snack bars to take everywhere.

Where to get it? 

Eco-domaine du Bouquetot, chemin des Broches, 14950 Saint-Pierre-Azif

Nature et Gourmandises, 24 rue du Maréchal Foch, 14640 Villers-sur-Mer


Fruits, vegetables and products from the castle's farm

A family farm that has been growing organic food and selling its produce every evening for over 40 years in its store under the castle. 

Where to get it? 

La Ferme du Château, rue du Général Leclerc, 14113 Villerville


Meats from the Saveurs d'Antan

Les Saveurs d'Antan is a butcher's shop in the heart of La Griserie farm, in the village of Saint-Gatien des Bois, where you can buy good local products, meats and terrines directly from the farm.

Where to get it?

Les Saveurs d'Antan, Domaine de la Griserie 14130 Saint-Gatien-des-Bois

The beautiful Bel Orge foam

Benoît Boisanfray has always been immersed in the world of brewing, his grandfather was a brewer in the Pas-de-Calais. Since 2017, he brews with love, passion and respect for the raw materials no less than four beers in his microbrewery Bel Orge. Having the Organic Agriculture (AB) label sounded like an obvious choice for Benoît, who also tries to use the most local ingredients possible. His beers are inspired by traditional British beers, less sweet than their Belgian cousins, and very aromatic. Subtle Blonde with 3 cereals, light White with a touch of coriander, round and powerful Amber or smooth Black, choose the one that suits you!

Where to get it? 

Brasserie Bel Orge, Zone artisanale, 6 rue des Grives, 14640 Villers-sur-Mer


Drinks from the Lieu Bill and Croix Solier farms

Fruit juices, ciders, apples, perries, Calvados, cherries with Calvados from the Ferme du lieu Bill, a typical cider farm, conducted in organic farming. 

Where to get it? 

Le Lieu Bill, 14910 Blonville-sur-Mer

The old farm Calvados* from La Ferme de la Croix Solier. Made by hand, this AOC product of excellence is over 30 years old and has been produced thanks to a know-how handed down from father to son for 4 generations.

Where to get it? 

260 chemin de la Croix Solier 14800 Tourgéville


Visit the distilleries and breweries: all the info here



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