Deauville Yacht Club - May 24 & 25, 2019


Following the footsteps of several yachtsmen who have been participating to international competitions in Deauville for over a century, we have been sailing for over 60 years between Cowes and Deauville.

The regatta is organized by the Royal Southern Yacht Club, the Royal London Yacht Club and the Deauville Yacht Club with the support of the City of Deauville. It gathers every year since 1962 about fifty British and French crews. The boats they are sailing belong to four different categories: IRC, Osiris yacht, Figaro Class 1 and Cruiser and motorboat. The race is held throughout the weekend between the ports of Cowes - on the Isle of Wight - and Deauville. The regatta traditionally starts on Friday evening. After a 100-mile cross-Channel race lasting from 16 to 24 hours, sailors moor in the municipality port of Deauville on Saturday. The prize awarding ceremony is held on Sunday morning at the Deauville Yacht Club.

Two years later, in 1964, the cities of Cowes and Deauville -both enjoying successful races and amazing encounters- renewed the efforts to establish a twinning link between them. Every year, the brass band of the Isle of Wight is glad to come to Deauville on July 14 to play during the celebrations of the French National Day.