Invited to the 2016 Books & Music Festival

Bruno Coulais is one of the most innovative composers of French cinema. As a young symphonist and author of concert works, he discovered in film music (in 1978) an additional means of expression.

In 1995, he met Claude Nuridsany-Marie Pérennou, who invited him to set Microcosmos to music, an initiatory voyage on the scale of a centimeter. The success of the film and its soundtrack made Bruno Coulais the indispensable composer of other natural tales: Genesis and La Clé des champs (Nuridsany-Pérennou), Le Peuple migrateur, Océans and Les Saisons (Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud), La Planète blanche and Amazonia (Thierry Ragobert). Whether it is a matter of research works or French-style blockbusters(Vidocq, Belphégor, Les Rivières pourpres), Coulais sees his art as an open window on the world, revealing a gift for modern alchemy.

In 2000, he received a commission for an opera, Il Gioco di Robin e Marion, in which he immersed himself with passion. He then conducted his Stabat Mater in 2005 in the cathedral of Saint-Denis. In 2004, he produced the music for Christophe Barratier's Choristes.

Released in the fall of 2010, Au fond des bois deepens his relationship with Benoît Jacquot, from Farewell to the Queen to Diary of a Chambermaid, without forgetting Three Hearts. He also created the music for the animated film Coraline by Henry Selick (co-director with Tim Burton of The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack). Coraline confirms the marriage between Bruno Coulais and auteur animation, also embodied by the young Irish prodigy Tomm Moore who reinvents Celtic legends in Brendan and the Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.

 2016 offers a balance, between reunions and new collaborations. With on the one hand, the poetic-hirsute universe of James Huth who skips the second opus of Brice de Nice to tackle directly the third; on the other Bertrand Tavernier, ambassador of modern cinephilia, with a documentary-sum on forty years of French cinema. A way for Bruno Coulais to salute the great elders who have shaped his vocation: Maurice Jaubert, Henri Dutilleux, Georges Delerue...


He will be present:

Sat April 16 / 3pm - Le Point de Vue - Viva Italia Program
Meeting with Rene de Ceccatty & Bruno Coulais
Rene de Ceccatty, through his multiple hats - writer, editor, translator, playwright - is one of the greatest transmitters of Italian literature in France. He has a passionate relationship with music that is reflected in his work and in his artistic collaborations. Among these, his work with the composer - winner of 3 Césars - Bruno Coulais, creator of film music such as Microcosmos, Les choristes or Le Peuple migrateur. On the occasion of the festival, they will talk about everything that brings them together.



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