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Contact sheet (s): 9 places to admire the photographic creations

Naiad Plant

Festival of photographic creations, Planche (s) Contact presents the work of invited photographers in residence in Deauville to match their photographic universe with the city. Since October 17, the photographs are exhibited at the Point de Vue (until January 3) and in giant format throughout the city (until March 7): at the beach, the pier and the courtyard of small and large basins. In order not to miss any exhibition, we have created a traveling route of 9 stages on a cultural and constantly moving Deauville.

1. At the pier
Mathias Depardon and his exhibition Being yourself is the best revolution


On the pier, at the crossroads of Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer, the pier marks the starting point of the itinerant route Planche (s) Contact. For the first monographic outdoor exhibition, we discover the photos of Mathias depardon, photo journalist. AT Deauville, he continued his work of reporting on confined / de-confined France initiated for Liberation, from Paris to Menton by following the Nationale 7. Throughout his meetings, his walks in the inanimate streets and on the deserted beach, he draw a portrait of youth at Deauville, in this strange and subtle in-between.

Being yourself is the best revolutionMathias depardon

2. At Square François André
Nikos Aliagas and his exhibition The game is another


Known as a successful journalist and host, Nikos Aliagas is also a photographer. During his residencies, he invested Deauville like a whirlwind, with his enthusiasm, his curiosity and his photographic work turned towards others. His photos capture the movements, the portraits, the life of the people of the territory. His exhibition is presented at Square Francois André and in the hall of theHotel Barrière Le Normandy *****, one of the most majestic villas in Deauville.

The game is anotherNikos Aliagas

3. At the Grand Bassin, adjoining Place Claude Lelouch
Lorenzo Castore and his exhibition Théo & Salomé


Going down Avenue Lucien Barrière, the Grand Bassin adjoins the famous Place Claude Lelouch. It's here that Lorenzo Castore, talented Italian photographer, exhibits his work done both in black and white and in color, representing a love of youth. He spent two weeks in symbiosis with two young lovers of eighteen, who live between Caen and Trouville-sur-Mer. Living alongside them every moment of their day allowed him to tell directly and without pause their reality, for a limited but absolute time, their shared hopes. Théo and Salomé, at the center of the project, are two "normal and ordinary" young people, in the best sense of the word. They live their lives together and together they try to project themselves into a possible tomorrow.

Théo & SaloméLorenzo Castore

4. On Deauville beach
Martin Parr and his exhibition Our neighbors the English
Riverboom and their exhibition Big kisses from the Côte Fleurie


For the eleventh consecutive year, the Deauville beach turns into a real open-air museum. On the edge of the mythical Boards, the Deauville coast looks like Brighton. In this year of Brexit, Planche (s) Contact wanted to give a nod to England by dedicating its large exhibition on the beach to Martin Parr and its iconic images of the British coast. The choice fell on the series "The Last Resort", a work carried out from 1982 to 1985, on the holidays of families with modest incomes in New Brighton, seaside resort in decline. With irony, sarcasm, sometimes tenderness, he tells with this series, the transformation of lifestyles and the development of consumer society This series, published and presented at the Rencontres d'Arles in 1986, is now "cult".

Treading the Deauville boards, also admire the photographs of Riverboom. Funny and iconoclastic observers of society, this Swiss collective made up of three photographers had already met with great success last year with their project "And in the middle flows the river". A series of photos featuring a visual competition and playing on humor and rivalry. In 2020, the Riverbooms are renewing the experience with the exhibition"Big kisses from the Côte FleurieThe project for this series of photographs was born at the end of the containment of the COVID-19 crisis, when all contact was dangerous.

Passing in front of the restaurant Ciro's, you will discover a new installation that takes place on the beach: twenty-four photographs, captured by four photographers (Charlotte bovy, Thomas dhellemmes, Letizia Le Fur et Anaïs Tondeur) stand facing the View. This exhibition was created thanks to the young Foundation Photo4food, new partner of the festival, committed to the fight against poverty.

Our neighbors the English © Martin Parr // (Expo Martin Parr © Naïade Plante)
Big Kisses from the Côte FleurieRiverboom
Photo4food // Photo 1 - The Origin © Letizia Le Fur // Photo 2 - 487 nm or the chromatic state of the sea © Anaïs Tondeur
Photo4food // Photo 3 - Chemin (s) © Thomas Dhellemmes // Photo 4 - The Old Normans © Charlotte Bovy

5. From the point of view
Todd Hido and his exhibition And then there were the birds
Young Talents Springboard


Parenthesis covered in this outdoor tour, The point of view is the central location of Planche (s) Contact. The landscape shots of the American photographer Todd Hido joined the walls of the parquet room. Arrived in February in Deauville, he returned to San Francisco just before confinement. During his residency, he chose to survey the Normandy countryside and stage models in a particular light, inspired by that of painters from the North and Flemish painting. A new journey for this photographer in search of images that relate to his own memories.

The point of view, it is also the benchmark for young artists, full of creativity and energy who try their luck among professionals. A constant feature of all cultural festivals in Deauville, support for young talents is materialized with Planche (s) Contact through a competition for young photographers. Through the Young Talents Springboard, Planche (s) Contact has selected four photographers for three weeks during which they are invited to share their views on Deauville: Clara chichin, Nadine jestin, Manon Renier et Hugo weber. The candidates will match their photographic universe with one of the many facets of Deauville's identity.

The Daughters of Calvary GalleryTodd Hido
Tremplin Jeunes Talents - Flagrant offense of emotionNadine jestin

6. In the small basin
Evangelia Kranioti and her exhibition Magic Hour


Leaving the View, head towards the courtyard of the Petit Bassin, in the middle of the Art Deco cabins; Evangelia Kranioti offers unexpected portraits and unusual staging, echoing his world, sometimes baroque, often mysterious. Deauville and the Norman territory are places unknown to her, poles apart from those she usually chooses to photograph. And for good reason: the Greek photographer loves borders, places of transit, trade, exchange; she has roamed the confines of the world for years, seizing marginal destinies.

Magic HourEvangelia Kranioti

7. On the diving board of the Olympic Pool
Riverboom and their exhibition Big kisses from the Côte Fleurie


The Festival Planche (s) Contact invests various places to highlight all types of architecture in Deauville, even the Olympic pool. From the courtyard of the Petit Bassin, turn around and contemplate the work of Roger Taillibert; the large outdoor diving board, located behind the main entrance, also serves as the backdrop for the exhibition "Big kisses from the Côte Fleurie"of Riverboom.

Expo 2019 - RiverboomSandrine Boyer Engel

8. Along the Promenade Lucien Barrière
Philippe Chancel and his exhibition If Deauville was shown to me


Philippe Chancel exhibits its photographic inventory of intramural Deauville and the surrounding area while highlighting the leisure activities established as a true art of living: hotels, beaches, casino, horse, well-being, architecture and heritage, water sports, tennis, golf and mini-golf ... For Planche (s) Contact, he confides: "I will seek to capture in any event that; if Deauville were shown to me, I would like to see it like that and not otherwise".

If Deauville was shown to mePhilippe Chancel

9. At Villa Le Cercle
Photo competition of the 25th Longines Hour


Sleep an hour longer or live an hour longer? To all those who would be tempted to choose sleep, the Festival Planche (s) Contact offers instead an hour of photographic creation so that this imaginary hour becomes real. On the night of October 24 to 25, on the occasion of the changeover to winter time, around a hundred amateur photographers will survey and observe Deauville at night to immortalize this 25th Hour of the Day, so special. And for this special event, the festival sees things big: it's up to Villa Le Cercle that the starting signal is given. This graceful building built during the Belle Epoque is only open on special occasions. A chance therefore to admire the characteristic architecture of Napoleon III: large bay windows interspersed with colonnades, circular arc rotunda and openings surmounted by niches decorated with terracotta busts.

25th Hour Longines
Naiad Plant

Book your photographic workshop


This year again, workshops and workshops are organized. Learn the basics of photography with Lorenzo Castore, follow a three-day course led by Philippe Chancel with the provision of cameras and participate in photo snacks for children offer the opportunity to improve their skills, to exchange with adults names of photography and improve its practice with a mythical camera.


 The complete workshop agenda here 

Where to eat ?


Opposite port

Like an air of Italy in Deauville, the restaurant Mamma M! A has nothing to envy to its Mediterranean colleagues: the taste buds are feasted with burrata, grilled vegetable antipastis, Buffala pizzas and linguine. Right on the Touques Peninsula, you sit in an armchair to peacefully enjoy the view of the marina, away from noise. At the end of the day, we can't resist the urge to taste the tapas, to share in a cozy setting with an “urban jungle” spirit thanks to the installation of a green wall.

Jazz atmosphere

After admiring the works of Todd Hido and Young Talents, go to the restaurant The Brummel, located at the Casino de Deauville a stone's throw from the Point de Vue. Portraits of great jazzmen on the walls, bright decors and a large terrace, Le Brummel offers a varied menu where you can enjoy gourmet snacks, appetizers and small brasserie dishes.

On the planks

New skin for the Sun Bar, a must-see restaurant during a stay in Deauville that locals particularly appreciate. With a large terrace on the mythical Planches with the sea as a backdrop, its warm and refined decor is an invitation to a gourmet break. You will have the choice between enjoying a sunny plate, taking an ice cream or a waffle and sharing a cocktail in front of the sunset.

Mamma Mia
Mamma M! ADR
The Brummel
The BrummelFabrice Rambert
Sun bar
Sun BarNaiad Plant

Where to sleep ?


Mythical address of Deauville, theHotel Barrière Le Normandy ***** charms by the elegance of its Anglo-Norman architecture and its Belle Epoque atmosphere. Close to the beach, Les Planches and all the must-see places of Deauville, the hotel enjoys a perfect location to follow the Planche (s) Contact route on foot. In total, 271 rooms and suites with a Norman character and a cozy atmosphere face the sea. Restaurant, bar, spa and gym complete the exceptional services offered at Le Normandy.

New this year, theYou Are Deauville Hotel breaks the codes of traditional hotels. An innovative concept in the "loft" spirit where we find a co-working space, a shared kitchen, a fitness center, a room with different instruments and even a cinema room. Alone or in duo, with family or friends, You Are offers five types of rooms. For visitors looking for conviviality and living together, the Together shared room can accommodate up to 12 people, like a youth hostel. For families and couples, rooms for 2 or 4 offer greater privacy.

Halfway between the sea and the Auge countryside, the Manors of Tourgéville **** are aimed at visitors looking for rest and serenity. The half-timbered buildings planted on a green and wooded ground give you a foretaste of the architecture of Deauville. Single or duplex, the 57 rooms and suites offer a breathtaking view of the garden. Former property of Claude Lelouch, the hotel has its own 50-seat cinema room, available to watch the film of your choice.

Normandy bedroom
Hotel Barrière Le Normandy *****Fabrice Rambert
Hotel You Are Deauville
You Are Deauville HotelDR
The Manors of Tourgéville ****DR

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