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En due to government measures related to the curfew, the 25th hour Longines competition is canceled. The Contact Boards weekend program is maintained.
On the night of the last weekend of October, each year, an extra hour is offered to each of us on the occasion of the change to winter time. The Longines 25th hour competition, associated with the Festival Planche (s) Contact, proposes to use this hour to capture this imaginary hour.

© Julien Bolle
1st prize 2018 © Claude Michel Petit Boileau

Photograph Deauville during the additional hour offered each year by the change to winter time, between midnight and one in the morning. The subject is free as long as the photo is taken in Deauville and the photographer has registered (on the internet or on site before the launch of the competition). 
The start of the competition is given at midnight from the Villa Le Cercle which opens its doors at 22:30 p.m. 
As of midnight past, you can deposit your digital file. The image is then edited overnight and displayed the next morning to be submitted to the jury. All photographs are exhibited to the public until the end of the festival.
Chaired by Sarah Moon, the jury comments, classifies and judges the production of images from last night.
The three winners will be chosen on Sunday, October 25 at 12:30 p.m. in the presence of the members of the jury at Villa Le Cercle. 

2nd prize 2018 © Hugo Jehanne
3rd prize 2018 © Philippe Verrier
1st prize 2018 © Claude Michel Petit Boileau

The photo album of the 2019 edition

Discover here all the photos of the participants

The Jury for the Longines 25th hour competition is the one that determines the winner of the Contact Board Prize in the "Young Talent" section: 
Sarah Moon (Photographer & President of the Jury),  Laura Serani (Artistic Director of Contact Sheet (s)), Philippe Augier (Mayor of Deauville), Samuel Guelat (representing Longines), Lionel charrier  (Photo editor of Liberation), Babeth Djian (Editorial director of Numéro), Alain Genestar (Managing Director of Polka Magazine & Vice-President of the Jury), Thierry grillet (Director of cultural dissemination of the National Library of France), Julien warrior (Director of Louis Vuitton Publishing), Marin Karmitz (Founder of mk2 cinemas), Anne Lacoste (Director of the Institute for Photography).

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