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Sleep an hour longer or live an hour longer?
On the night of October 26 to 27, an additional hour is offered to each of us on the occasion of the changeover to winter time. To all those who would be tempted to choose sleep, the Festival Planche (s) Contact in Deauville offers a photo competition to capture this imaginary hour.

© Julien Bolle
1st prize 2018 © Claude Michel Petit Boileau

LE SUJET: Photograph Deauville during the additional hour offered each year by switching to winter time, between midnight and one in the morning. The subject is free as long as the photo is taken in Deauville: the competition allows you to give your own vision of the 25th Longines hour.
THE PLACE : The start of the competition is given at the same place where all the participants gather to confirm their registration with the organizers. 
THE PICTURE : As of midnight past, you can deposit your digital file. The image is then edited overnight and displayed the next morning to be submitted to the jury. All photographs will be presented from Monday October 31 until the end of the festival at the Salle des Fêtes.
AWARD-WINNING CREATIVITY: Longines, the PATA France Committee and the Gacilly Photography Festival are involved alongside the Festival Planche (s) Contact: the three partners have provided exceptional endowments to reward photographers.

2nd prize 2018 © Hugo Jehanne
3rd prize 2018 © Philippe Verrier
1st prize 2018 © Claude Michel Petit Boileau

All photos of the 2018 participants

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The Jury:

Bettina rheims (President), Serge Bramly (writer), Heloise Conesa (BnF), Thierry consigny (Advertising), Babeth Djian (Number), Alain Genestar (Polka), Thierry grillet (BnF), Marin Karmitz, Raphaëlle Stopin (Rouen Normandy Photographic Center), Aurélie Tisseyre (SmArty), Vincent Delerm, Auguste Coudray (La Gacilly Photo Festival), Jaime Serrano-Guerra (PATA France Committee) and Philippe Augier (Mayor of Deauville) and Samuel Guelat (representing Longines).


Soon here the endowments of the 2019 competition.