Nicolas Comment

Cavale - IN 2019

© Nicolas Comment pour Planche(s) Contact 2019
© Nicolas Comment pour Planche(s) Contact 2019
© Nicolas Comment pour Planche(s) Contact 2019
© Nicolas Comment pour Planche(s) Contact 2019

Guest photographer at Planches Contact 2019

Nicolas Comment, photographer and author-composer, graduated from the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, published his first photography book in 2001 with Filigranes publishing house: La Desserte.
In 2005, he met Rodolphe Burger, then Jacques Higelin and Yves Simon and worked with them on two albums. He got closer to the world of music and was asked by producer Jean-Louis Piérot to work together on a musical project whose CD-book titled Est-ce l’Est ? (Berliner romanze), published in 2008, is the first section. In 2010, he recorded a first album produced by Marc Collin largely acclaimed by the press: Nous étions Dieu (Kwaidan / Discograph).
In 2012, after publishing book La visite, he worked with Xavier Waechter on a music adaptation of the latest poem collection by writer Bernard Lamarche-Vadel: Retrouvailles, released by jazz label Bonsaï Music.
On the same year, he exhibited at the VU’ gallery (Paris) a new series of pictures and published the related book: Mexico City Waltz, Filigranes. In 2016, Nicolas Comment launched in Paris a large exhibition, together with photographer Bernard Plossu: Identification d’une ville. Then, he exhibited his pictures in Vichy during the Portrait(s) Festival. In 2017, he obtained the “Résidence pour la photographie” Prize delivered by the Fondation des Treilles. His Journal à rebours (1991-1999), consisting of his first black-and-white photographs and archive texts, was published in April 2019 by Filigranes. In Deauville, Nicolas Comment revisited cult and cultural “places”. A female model or her own “partner” are staged and play with the cinematographic (but also literal or musical) references of the city; several levels of interpretation are obtained.

Exhibition in a room of the Hôtel Normandy Barrière on October 24th, 25th and 26th.
Open-air exhibition under the arcades of Le Printemps shop from October 19th to January 5th.
The room of the Hôtel Normandy dedicated to the Cavale project is then available for renting until January 5th, 2020.