Deauville: "a temperate Monté-Carlo"

From July 24 to September 2, 1952, Colette made her first stay in Deauville, for 5 weeks. She suffers from osteoarthritis of the hip. Unable to walk, she moves in a wheelchair.

The heat is not recommended to her and she decides that year, with Maurice Goudeket, her husband, not to return during the summer to the South. Their choice then fell on Deauville where Ilhamy Hussein Pasha, Pasha of Egypt invited her: "A temperate Monte-Carlo ". In fact, Deauville has another casino by the sea and a first-rate hotel, which convinces them to move from the Palais-Royal ... to Royal. She is accompanied by Maurice Goudeket and the faithful Pauline Tissandier his lady companion.

In this Deauville, where his friends spent so much time, they found a much cooler climate than they had imagined. Colette searches for the sun and lingers there. In the evening in the dining room of royal, she dines with a blanket over her shoulders and does not forget, in the middle of August, to slip a hot water bottle into her bed before falling asleep.

In a correspondence to Moune and Toutounet, she praises the staff of the Hotel Royal:
"That summer, at the Royal de Deauville, the staff were very attentive: they never forgot to flower my table."

From Deauville, she wrote to her daughter, Bel Gazou, on July 23:
"Maurice had organized a little trip for me that the rain did not cloud. The smell of the sea that I had forgotten, is going to come and touch us, over long meadows that border it ..."

That summer, Maurice Goudeket walks Colette in his chair, on the boards, along the beach. He drives her to the cinema, or see the attractions in the large hall of the Casino. " Many strangers ask for signatures and autographs ” she said to Moune " But Maurice politely keeps them at bay, as you know. »

A few days before leaving for Deauville, she wrote to Pierre Moréno, the son of her great friend Marguerite Moréno:
"I had a bad week! Will it be better when I taste Deauville?
Don't make fun of me I never saw Deauville. It turns out that an invitation can rest me there for a month.
But for the moment I am exhausted - and I am suffering painfully. "


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