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Guest at the 2016 Books & Music Festival

Colapesce, whose real name is Lorenzo Urciullo, was born in Syracuse (Sicily) in 1983 and began to play music before he could even speak. From the age of 15, he understands that music will be his whole life. Therefore, finished the typical teenager of the 90s spending his time between trafficked scooters and afternoon at the cafe. He collaborated with several groups before creating Albanopower with which he produced the album Maria's Day, sung in English. At the same time, he began to write songs in Italian under the pseudonym Colapesce. A 1e Omonyme EP was released in 2010, then an album - Un meraviglioso declino - in 2012 which, in a very short time, became a classic of the new Italian song.

In February 2015 his new album Egomostro was released. The daily Le Monde devoted a rave article to him, calling Colapesce “the future of Italy, sole heir to Lucio Dalla and Franco Battiato”, icons of Italian song in the finest tradition.


He will be present:

Sat April 16/12 p.m. - Villa le Cercle - Italy Program in Deauville
Inauguration & Colapesce Concert    
Followed by a cocktail open to all!
Top start of the 13th edition at Villa Le Cercle, the Festival's new headquarters. Readers of the media library will designate their 2016 literary favorite just before the concert by the young Italian pop singer Colapesce. Literary, brilliant, it seduces Italy. Le Monde says of it that it is "the future of Italy", nothing less!