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Normandy Pioneer Club

Norman guest in the lead 2019

The Normandie Pionnières Club is a network of women entrepreneurs present on the Normandy territory for 10 years. Its mission is to support and develop female entrepreneurship in Normandy. Its vocation is to:
· Encourage female entrepreneurship and help it in its development
· Boost local economic and institutional networks
· Help its members in their development beyond the creation phase
· Communicate on female entrepreneurship

The Normandie Pionnières Club offers several actions:
· A monthly Breakfast with interventions by professionals in the creation / sustainability of business,
· A monthly practical workshop, on entrepreneurial themes, offered by pioneers for adherent pioneers
· Meetings with other networks of Norman entrepreneurs,
· Company visits,
A quarterly evening, in complete relaxation, at each change of season ...

The strength of Club Normandie Pionnières is to allow women in the creative phase and "seasoned" creators to meet and discuss their various enriching experiences.

The Normandie Pionnières Club is active in Calvados, Manche (development in 2018 of a new branch in the South Manche) and Orne.

Facebook : @
Intervention territory: Calvados - Manche - Orne