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Loïc Clément

Guest at the 2019 Books & Music Festival

Loïc Clement was born in 1981 in Groville. He shared his residence between Brittany, New York and Singapore. Loïc, a comic book writer for adults and young people, and author of illustrated albums and novels, is passionate about books. He was a specialist bookseller, literary dancer, librarian and trainer in the field of book trades, before embarking on writing himself. His collaboration with Anne Montel is at the origin of Le Temps des Mitaines, Chaussette, Les Jours Sucrés, Les Chroniques de l'Île Perdue and soon Miss Charity adapted from the novel by Marie-Aude Murail. He also collaborates with more hairy people like Clément Lefèvre or Bertrand Gatignol, and funny ladies such as Carole Maurel, Sanoe and Yuko Fukushima for a series of children's comics published by Delcourt. All have in common to deal with difficult and intimate subjects such as school harassment, illness or loneliness of the elderly for example.
Loïc particularly appreciates white chocolate and loves being offered it after reading this information provided innocently in his bio.

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