The most famous film shot in Deauville remains Un Homme et une Femme, shot in 1965. A sentimental comedy shot in winter, when the beach is deserted, this film, which won the Palme d'Or, two Oscars and 47 international awards, transformed the image of Deauville and gave it a new status: the beach of lovers. The film's musical theme, composed by Francis Lai, became the musical portrait of Deauville.

A woman, her daughter and her memories. A rally driver and his son, cars, trains and a beach. A simple love story, set to music that went around the world... the film "A Man and a Woman", directed in 1966 by Claude Lelouch, left a lasting impression on Deauville. 40 years later, on September 5, 2006, a square was named "Place Claude Lelouch" in his presence as well as in the presence of Anouk Aimée, Francis Lay and Pierre Barouh, who wrote the film's lyrics and music.


The story of Deauville and Claude Lelouch begins in 1965. He escapes from Paris and arrives on the beach of Deauville. He sees a woman and her child walking early in the morning on the beach. It's a trigger. Claude Lelouch has his story, a love story - audacious for the time - between two young divorced parents. For the first time, a film is conceived with a script written in parallel with the music.


At the beginning, the atmosphere was uncertain. I didn't have any money and that naturally created a certain uneasiness. But, at the same time, this shortage gave rise to a formidable solidarity on the set. solidarity on the set. We didn't count the overtime, we shot the film like amateurs with a team of ten like amateurs with a team of ten people totally motivated. Anouk was our only star. We didn't know how to treat a star, but Anouk understood very quickly that she wouldn't find the comfort Anouk quickly realized that she would not find the comfort she was entitled to with us. She completely integrated herself into the team and the film went divinely. We had the right We had the right light at the right time, we were favored by the elements and the couple.

Claude Lelouch


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