May 09, 2023

Classification and label: inDeauville certified for its tourism quality

Following last week's rankings by Internet users, inDeauville has just received confirmation of the renewal of its Qualité Tourisme label for the next five years. Created by the French government, this label is a sign of recognition for all establishments in the tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, leisure activities, etc.). For tourist offices, it recognizes the quality of the welcome and information provided to visitors.

inDeauville, Quality Tourism brand

The five-year renewal of the brand was the subject of a two-part audit:
- A mystery audit via the various inDeauville tools (Facebook, online chat, website, telephone) and on site. This phase tested the team's quality of welcome and information.
- An audit via face-to-face interviews with the inDeauville team's division managers and management to question the strategies and actions implemented in each area of expertise.

The welcome, whether remote or face-to-face, was judged to be "qualitative and personalized", with the report noting "We feel that we take the time to look after the customer, to seek information and to be there for the tourist".
The inDeauville team, its tools and its strategy were judged to be highly professional, "well beyond the requirements of the label". The auditor underlined the involvement of all stakeholders in the quality approach, and in particular of its coordinator, Céline Fourquet, as well as the relevance of the Sustainable Innovative Destination approach.
The conditions under which visitors are welcomed are also highlighted, as are the products offered in the boutiques, which are judged to promote local know-how and heritage. Last but not least, communication is perceived as attractive: "high-quality website and publications".

The final compliance rate for inDeauville is 96.69%.
Points for improvement will be presented to the Mayors of the twelve communes at the next Development Committee meeting.

Deauville, a classified tourist resort

Just as valuable, the town of Deauville has just renewed its "Station de tourisme" classification for a further twelve years. This classification is based on nine criteria:
- Access and circulation in the commune.
- Free wifi internet access.
- A wide range of accommodation, some of which is classified.
- The presence of a category 1 tourist office (classification approved by the Direction Générale des Entreprises at the end of March 2023).
- A wide range of local services.
- A program of activities and a list of tourist facilities, monitoring of beaches and bathing water quality, enhancement of sites or monuments, organization of major events, proposed tours.
- Urban and environmental quality.
- Sanitary facilities (bathing water classification in particular).
- Safety levels adapted to tourist flows.

The high standards and level of this classification also highlight the responsibility of each municipality in the tourism sector. Communes that build facilities, promote and support events, organize the promotion of economic players and federate all tourism initiatives.
To date, some 480 communes in France have been awarded this classification, including Deauville, Blonville-sur-Mer, Touques and Villers-sur-Mer.


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