A special relationship developed between André Citroën and Deauville. Indeed, his presence in the seaside resort was noted since 1912. At the end of the 1920s, Citroën was the first car manufacturer in Europe and regularly stayed in Deauville where he rented the “Les Abeilles” villa with his family. On the "Planches" boardwalk, at the casino or at the racecourse, Citroën was present everywhere. During the same period, he opened on August 1st 1986 a 2000 m² store, right behind the casino (now Morny Club movie theater), presenting some twenty exposition models, while on the beach, some “Citroënettes” (small 5CV pedal cabriolets) competitions were organized and a half-track carrier drove bathers and wanderers from the Boardwalk to the sea.