Anchored in the territory of the city, Les Franciscaines women want to be attached to its cultural heritage. Quite naturally, five dominant themes have been chosen to structure the visitor's path in the galleries located above the cloister and the temporary exhibition courtyard. They are all linked to the cultural identity of the city. These themes are deployed in "universes". In these galleries, with their enveloping decorations, runs a long library whose loops house spaces for reading, co-working, projection, listening and exchange. Each theme - five in all - has its own universe, signified in the space by a specific work on colors and scenographic characteristics. 

In four of these Universes (Deauville, Art de vivre, Cheval, Spectacle-Cinéma), works from Les Franciscaines collections are presented, according to a theme proposed each year. Portraits by Moïse Kisling, Robert Doisneau, Marie Laurencin, André Lhote. In all, a journey of 70 works to grasp the evolution of the genre and its appropriation by different artistic circles.

Naïade Plante



Deauville is the kingdom of the horse. It can be found in all four corners of the city with its two racecourses, its training center, its yearling auction house and its Pôle International du Cheval Longines-Deauville dedicated to equestrian sports. At Les Franciscaines, horse lovers, the curious and the novice will be able to discover or deepen their knowledge of horse culture. An incredible collection, recognized and labeled by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, is now at hand. Whether they come to leaf through books and magazines, to immerse themselves in pedigrees or treatises on hippology, they can enjoy a cosy atmosphere where the leather that adorns the furniture recalls the magic of the stables, in the midst of masterpieces of equestrian art as well as an evocation of the horse in freedom.

Naïade Plante



Deauville, a mythical seaside resort, owes its worldwide reputation to the beauty of its site, its beach, its architecture and the rituals of its social life since the 19th century. Deauville's heritage, embodied by its grand hotels, its villas, its casino, its public buildings, its beaches, its swimming pool, its racecourses, is also linked to an immaterial dimension. Here you can consult the city's rich collection of memorabilia. The Deauville of artists is displayed on the walls. Captured images, sketched moments, and images on canvas resonate in the visitor's memory long after he or she has set out again.

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This universe celebrates artistic creation in all its forms. Dancers, musicians, singers, filmmakers, actors, photographers, painters and writers have always come to Deauville to exchange ideas, be inspired and create. The works displayed in the space evoke these intimate links between artists and the area. The works in the collection evoke this creative spirit, always in action, spontaneous or staged. They illustrate what the artists see, but also, those that one comes to see, in representation, for a festival or the time of a shooting of mode. At the bend of the path, the visitor can settle down in an alcove fitted out as a private projection room. Among the thousands of DVDs in the media library, the teams have listed over 160 films shot in Deauville and the surrounding area.

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Deauville is a great place to live. Its exceptional site, its sports facilities, its stores, its hotels and its restaurants explain its power of attraction. Everyone finds pleasure here: strolling on the boards, horse races, polo matches, golf and tennis tournaments, regattas, shows and gala evenings. In Deauville, everyone can compose the menu for their stay. Wellness, relaxation and elegance are also part of a cultural heritage. The City of Deauville likes to cultivate it; it is its raison d'être. In a spirit of relaxation, lounge chairs invite visitors to take the time to enjoy the present moments, to soak up the Deauville spirit, to take the time to fully experience a cultural cure, both restful and energizing.

Naïade Plante



Deauville understands the importance of youth. The values of transmission and support for young audiences are at the heart of its cultural policy. These values define the Youth Universe. Culture and creativity are the cornerstones of a space that accompanies emancipation. At Les Franciscaines, we learn by creating, by making, by exchanging, by making our own choices. Access to the books is facilitated by a clear identification of the themes through iconographic codes. These same codes make it possible to quickly decipher for which public these books are intended. You can sit here to read, learn, and play, drawing on the vast resources of the toy library.


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