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Many images emerge from the evocation of the Côte Fleurie and the cinema. Silhouettes of legendary actors in sets and light that is naturally seductive for the cameras: filming and vacationing "professionals in the profession" have merged since the 1920s. "A monkey in winter", "A man and a woman", "The four hundred strokes"… We have selected for you the ten inDeauville filming locations that marked the 7th art, where you can replay your own version of the film. Engine, action!

1. In the footsteps ofA Monkey in winter in Villerville


What more can we say about a film that has turned into a national monument over the course of its countless reruns on television .... A Monkey in winter forever changed the modest seaside resort of Villerville when it hosted, in the winter of 1961-1962, Henri Verneuil's film crew with its two stars, Jean Gabin and Jean-Paul Belmondo. To be faithful to the novel by Antoine Blondin, the town is renamed Tigreville. A great novel, two actors at the top, breathtaking dialogues, an effective staging and an isolated city in the winter rain are the keys to the success of a film which has been inscribed in the collective memory. The locations of the filming, still visible today and symbolized by totems in the center of Villerville, are to be discovered during a walking tour. The Cabaret Normand - famous café where Jean-Paul Belmondo orders a Picon-beer after arriving in Tigreville - and the Hotel Stella, run by Jean Gabin, are some of the places you can discover with this stroll.



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City of Villerville
villerville _-_ cabaret_normand _-_ dbl_721x500
Delphine Barré-Lerouxel

2. The Cliffs of the Black Cows


In 1955, it was Villers-sur-Mer, on the beach at the foot of Cliffs of the Black Cows, that François Truffaut puts his camera down to film the famous final scene of the film The Four Hundred Blows, that all moviegoers around the world have in mind. The young Jean-Pierre Léaud takes advantage of a football match to escape from the center for delinquents. The tracking shot starts in the countryside, then the kid arrives on the beach, goes down a staircase and runs towards the sea, puts his feet in the water, turns around and looks at the camera which freezes on the word "End".


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Forty years later, in 1995, Claude Lelouch chose the Villers-sur-Mer beach as a backdrop for several sequences of his film Les Misérables. The filmed shots require the construction of a village where the hostel of the Thénardier spouses is located, who will welcome Cosette. In a scene where the inn must partially catch fire, the poorly controlled fire destroys it entirely. Claude Lelouch, terrified to see his decor go up in smoke, is still conscious of leaving the cameras running and decides to integrate the fire into his film, which will give the sequence its realistic and dramatic aspect. The other piece of bravery from the shoot at Villers-sur-Mer is the reenactment on the Landing Beach of June 6, 1944 at Omaha Beach, with hundreds of extras, amphibious tanks and paratroopers in the Norman sky. The sequence shot in one day has remained in the memory of all Villersois.


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"Black Cows cliffs"
Julien Boisard
"Black Cows cliffs"
Patrice Le Bris

3. Deauville beach and its famous Planches


In 1965, Claude Lelouch escaped from Paris and arrived on the Deauville beach. He sees a woman and her child walking around early in the morning. He has his story ... A man and a woman, released in 1966, became one of the most famous French films in the world and greatly contributed to the international notoriety of Deauville. It is facing the large square near the Pompeian baths that Jean-Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimée meet again. He calls her headlight. She runs towards him. Selected at the Cannes Film Festival the same year, the film received, among others, the Palme d'Or and the Oscar for best foreign film in Hollywood. Deauville becomes the eternal rendezvous of romanticism. Since 2006, the main place of access to Boards and at the beach is named after Claude Lelouch, because the two are forever inseparable.


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Dance We will go to Deauville, Louis de Funès shows Deauville as a vacation spot for modest people in the early 60s, at a time when middle-class French people were discovering the joys of vacationing by the sea. The rental is a slightly old-fashioned house , we get around by bike or scooter, we take advantage of the beach, the racetrack and boardwalks. The Boards, we can also see them in Baron Lock, where Jean Gabin is installed on the terrace of Sun Bar to listen to a concert of hunting horns. Today, it is on the program ofDeauville-Clairefontaine racecourse every summer, during major race weekends. In I'm shy but I heal, Pierre Richard falls in love with a woman and follows her through France. The awkward Grand Blond thus visited Nice, Vichy and Deauville. One of the most hilarious scenes is shot on the Planks. From the beach, the actor tries to control his sand yachting and crosses the Boards, passes not without difficulty in front of The Normandy ***** before ending up on the road. Another famous film, Murderers and Thieves, in which the famous Jean Poiret tells in the first scene how he saved Madeleine Ferrand from drowning, on the beach of Deauville in the middle of famous parasols.

Deauville Beach
Sandrine Boyer-Engel
Sandrine Boyer-Engel
The Boards
Beatrice Augier

4. The beach of Blonville-sur-Mer


Many films have their sequence on the Normandy coast, often experienced as a break of calm, the open air and reflection in the scenario. This is the case in I'm staying, a film by Diane Kurys that is inspired by a genre very popular in the golden age of Hollywood: the comedy of remarriage. It brings together a charming trio made up of Sophie Marceau, Vincent Perez and Charles Berling. Coiled between Deauville et Villers-sur-Mer, Blonville-sur-Mer beach is the scene of the famous kite scene between Sophie Marceau and Charles Berling. There is also a villa with direct access to the beach where indoor and outdoor scenes were shot. It was Diane Kurys who wanted to turn in this house that she had spotted during her walks between Deauville and Villers-sur-Mer. This building, with its white facade and columns, stands out from the Anglo-Norman style villas of the Côte Fleurie. It is also possible to rent the pretty house for a vacation.


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Home of the movie "Je Reste"
Villa in which the movie "Je Reste" was shotJust because
Blonville Beach
Delphine Barré-Lerouxel

5. The Saint-Gatien flying club


This filming location may seem surprising at first, and yet. The credits of the film The Baron of the Lock is a long overview of Deauville aboard a plane piloted by Jean Gabin, piloting instructor. Even today, theDeauville Saint-Gatien flying club offers you to take a first flight or pass your pilot's license. If you are a big fan of Gabin, do not hesitate to pass in front of the Villa "La Malmaison", at the corner of the rue Hunebelle and the rue Victor Hugo, which he bought in 1961. He renamed it "La Grande" Villa "and lived there for thirteen years, from 1961 to 1974. A plaque was placed in front of the actor's house.


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Aeroclub Saint-Gatien
Naiad Plant

6. Deauville-Trouville station


Introductory scene of the film We will go to Deauville, races, crowded with cars and scrambled by a multitude of horns, significantly represents the start of the eventful vacation of Louis de Funès and Michel Serrault. This family comedy by Francis Rigaud must be seen today as a documentary on Deauville in the early 60s at a time when middle-class French people were discovering the joys of holidays by the sea.

Legitimate Violence, a very dark political thriller in which the main actor is Claude Brasseur, filmed its most famous scene in the hall of Deauville-Trouville station, where a shooting wreaks havoc among travelers waiting for their train. The scene ends with the front page of Le Figaro the next day with the title roughly: Massacre in Deauville. Among the killers, we recognize Christophe Lambert in one of his first roles.

Sandrine Boyer-Engel
2 races

7. The Manors of Tourgéville ****


Psychological thriller which brings together Jalil Lespert, Romain Duris and Charlotte Le Bon, Iris was mostly shot in Paris but the final takes place in Normandy. The scene which unveils the enigma was shot on the domain of Manors of Tourgéville **** created by Claude Lelouch. We see a man digging the basement at night. We will not say more for all those who want to discover this thriller.


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Manors of Tourgéville 2
Alexandre chaplier
Manors of Tourgéville 3
Alexandre chaplier
Manors of Tourgéville 4
LES MANOIRS DE Tourgéville

8. The Coco Chanel store


Gabrielle Chanel, known as Coco, is a key figure who has greatly contributed to the international notoriety of Deauville. She opened her first fashion store in the heart of the summer of 1913, rue Gontaut-Biron, between the As a casino player you will get andHotel Barrière Le Normandy *****. The designer finds her inspiration on the racetracks, tennis and the port. The film Chanel Solitaire Hungarian director George Kaczender recounts this episode in great detail. Hundreds of extras are hired to recreate in Deauville even the Belle-Epoque atmosphere with scenes shot on the seafront and on theDeauville-La Touques racecourse. But the most impressive remains the reconstruction of rue Gontaut-Biron, whose asphalt has been covered with earth for several hundred meters. Never in its history with cinema has Deauville been so transformed for a film. Adopt the Chanel style and walk past the boutique (now La Villa Homme); a plaque designed by Karl Lagerfeld was placed in memory of the one who revolutionized fashion.


 Watch "Chanel Solitaire" here 

Chanel plaque
Chanel plaqueAlan aubry

9. Saint-Pierre-Azif


In 2009, at Saint-Pierre-sur-Azif, Brad Pitt shot a commercial for a Japanese phone brand. Well, it's not really cinema, although the commercial was shot by Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel). The director pays tribute to Jacques Tati and his film Monsieur Hulot's vacation with 2CV, cycling race and a topless young woman on a picnic, all to the song of France Gall Doll of wax, doll of her. For the anecdote, the young woman is Camille Cottin who later turned with Brad Pitt in Alliés by Robert Zemeckis.


 See the ad with Brad Pitt here 

Saint-Pierre-Azif town hall
Saint-Pierre-Azif town hallCity of Saint-Pierre-Azif
Saint-Pierre-Azif Church
Church of Saint-Pierre-AzifThierry beaucap

10. The Casino Barrière and its Italian-style theater


Le As a casino player you will get is a must at inDeauville filming locations and many directors have given it mythical scenes from their works. Jean-Pierre Melville dedicates the heist scenes of his film to him Bob the Flambeur in 1955. The casino does not take offense since the director of the time, François André, the uncle of Lucien Barrière, plays his own role. We recognize the Morny square, the great hall of the casino and especially the street where was at the time the main entrance of the establishment where the final shooting took place.

In the film Do you like Brahms ..., we see Montand's young blonde mistress at the Deauville casino wondering which number should she play. A nod to the famous story that will anchor Françoise Sagan in Normandy. On August 8, 1959, the novelist, passing through the casino, bet on 8 and scooped up 8 million francs, the sum with which she bought the house she rented in Equemauville.

More recently, in 2018, Mathieu Kassovitz became the sparring partner of a young boxing champion in the film Sparring, where the boxing scenes take place mainly in the casino theater. Its Italian-style decor offers a striking contrast with the darkness of the subject treated.

Patrice Le Bris
Casino Theater
Patrick Tourneboeuf

Where to eat ?


In the canteen of the entertainment world

At the Bistro The 4 cats, red dominates: it can be found on armchairs - often cinema armchairs found on secondhand markets -, benches, walls and even in evening lighting. On a musical background of rock and jazz, the decor flirts with the 30s and 50s in a chic flea market spirit. The slate changes daily, according to the mood and the market, but continuously offers its traditional bistro dishes.

In the atmosphere of the American Film Festival

It is spotted as an island in the heart of the Casino slot machines. The Plaza Café is the Casino restaurant, located just opposite the Deauville International Center, where the American Film Festival takes place every year. To blend in and live the American dream yourself, portraits of actors like Charlize Theron, Jeff Goldblum and Salma Hayek adorn its glass walls. In the middle of the slot machines, the Plaza Café nevertheless enjoys the intimacy of a real brasserie, where meats, grilled fish, original club sandwiches and gourmet salads are on the menu.

On the planks

Le Ciro's is a renowned address for seafood and fish that appears in all of the leading gastronomic guides. But the restaurant stands out just as much with its countless celebrity photos hanging on the wall. You can enjoy platters, seafood dishes, bouillabaisses and other crustaceans surrounded by the biggest movie stars.

The 4 Cats
The 4 CatsBistro the 4 Cats
Plaza cafe
The Plaza CaféNaiad Plant
Ciro'sFabrice Rambert

Where to sleep ?
Three places to sleep near the stars



Filming locations for many films, the Barrière inDeauville hotels cultivate their history with cinema. At theHotel Barrière Le Normandy *****, relive the love story between Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant! With the suite "A Man and a Woman", enter the film's setting, where large black and white photos taken from the most famous scenes blend into the famous toile de Jouy and its motif "the delight of the 4 seasons" . 100 meters from Normandy, Yves Montand shoots the film Do you like Brahms… withHotel Barrière Le Royal *****.

Innovative concept, the hotel You Are Deauville breaks the codes of traditional hotels. You will find modular spaces, a coworking room, a sports center but also a projection room, which you can even privatize! Solo or duo, with family or friends, You Are Deauville offers five types of rooms, ranging from the "Welcome" double room to the "Together" shared room which can accommodate up to 12 people.

Ten years after the shooting ofA man and a woman, Claude Lelouch built, a few kilometers from Deauville, a large friends house with tennis courts and indoor swimming pool. After a few years, he transformed the whole into a hotel and then sold it to the Floirat Group. The hotel The Manors of Tourgéville **** consists of a main half-timbered building and four charming round-shaped mansions, offering a total of 57 rooms including 35 suites. Its 50-seat cinema room is at your disposal to watch the film of your choice.

The Normandy
Suite "A man and a woman" at the Hotel Barrière Le Normandy *****Fabrice Rambert
Manors of Tourgéville
The Manors of Tourgéville ****DR
Hotel You
You Are Deauville HotelDR

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