Chronology: André Hambourg

1909    André Hambourg was born in Paris on May 5

1925    He attended classes at the Ecole des Arts décoratifs in the atelier of sculptor Paul Niclausse

1927    He left his studies to enter the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts (atelier Lucien Simon)

1928    First exhibition at the Galerie du Taureau, Paris

1930    Discovery of Brittany and the south of France

1931    He met Derain

1932    The Zak gallery became his trader in Paris

1933    Laureate of the Villa Abd el-Tif Prize, Alger. He travelled in the Netherlands and set down in Algeria.

1936    Military service in Algeria

1937 - 1938    First stay in Honfleur. Trips to Algeria and Morocco

1939-1942      Recruited in Morocco until 1940. Mainland journey, then back to Algeria

1943-1945      Writer-drawer-reporter and war soldier for Combattant 43, then Combattant 44. War reporter, he participated to France and Germany expeditions with the 1st Army.

War cross

1947    First journey to London. Stay in Honfleur, then in Saint Rémy de Provence, where he saved the olive tree fields painted by Van Gogh.

First offshore expedition aboard the Richelieu

1948    Meeting in Honfleur, then marriage with Nicole Rachet.

1949    First stay in Deauville
 "The light of Deauville is not the same found in Trouville, as the two beaches are exposed differently to the sun, one is more is west facing, the other is south facing. That’s why we do not paint at the same time in these two beaches". These first years, André Hambourg used to paint on the beach, or, as Eugène Boudin did, on the dyke. He also loved staying at the Pointe de la Douane, at the end of the Presqu’Ile.

1949-1950      Decoration of the suite "Normandie" of the liner called Liberté, Compagnie Générale Transatlantique. (C.G.T.)

1951    Chevalier de la légion d’honneur

1952    Peintre agréé de la Marine      

Organizer of the Plastic Arts’ stand at the Kermesse aux Etoiles for the 2nd Armored Division & the artists’ house

1954    His child Pierre Arthur was born

1955    First stay at Mougins

1957    First stay in Venice

Decoration aboard the liner Ville de Bordeaux (C.G.T.) and decoration (380m²) at the Cannes Casino for the Printemps Normand gala

1960    Appointed Officier de la légion d’Honneur by A. Malraux. Stay in Venice. Retrospective to Deauville: peristyle gallery.

1961    Paul Pétridès became his seller for France

Decorative panel of the “Normandie” suite aboard liner France (C.G.T.)

1962    He settled down at the La Thillaye farm in Englesqueville-en-Auge

1963    Wally Findley became his trader for the United States

1964    He organized the 1st biennial exhibition of figurative painting of Trouville

1965    Special exhibition titled Deauville at the Wally Findlay Galley in New York

1966    Journey to Morocco and Great Britain

1967    First journey to Israel

1968    Appointed first artistic counsellor of the City of Trouville sur mer. Stay in Venice

1970-1971      Stay in Israel, Moscow, England, Scotland and the Ivory Coast

1972    Stay in the Ivory Coast and first journey to the United States

Monumental decoration (60m²) of the Court Room of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg

1975    Stay in the Ivory Coast.

Creation of 5 mosaics for three school establishments of Deauville (Lycée André Maurois) and Trouville (Ecole Hans Christian Andersen and Collège Charles Mozin).

1976    Creation of an atelier at Saint Rémy de Provence, among the olive trees painted by Van Gogh

1978    Long trip to the United States and Mexico

1979    Inauguration of the A. Hambourg Hall at the Trouville museum, after a donation of the artist

Journey to the United States

1980    His son died

1981    Invited by the Defence Minister to attend the US bicentennial celebrations in Yorktown and to meet Presidents R. Reagan and F. Mitterrand.

Stay in Venice

1982      Special exhibition Hommage à André Hambourg, Apestéguy gallery in Deauvillle.
André Hambourg rented for the first time cabin n.181, on the Boardwalk of Deauville
He transformed it into an annex of his atelier, working there every year, both in summer and in winter, for over 15 years.

1983-1984      Mission aboard the Commandant Bourdais and the Jeanne d’Arc: Abidjan, Sainte-Hélène, Rio, Fort de France, les Saintes, Pointe à Pitre, Saint-Barthélemy, Puerto Rico

1984-1985      Mission aboard the Jeanne d’Arc: Papeete, Bora-Bora, Noumea, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Djibouti, Aqaba, Port Saïd, Alexandria, Alger, Brest

1986    Statue of Liberty expedition aboard the Jeanne d’Arc

Promoted as Commandeur des Arts et Lettres and appointed Commandeur de la Légion d’Honneur by F. Mitterrand

1988    Inauguration at the Eugène Boudin museum in Honfleur of a floor dedicated to the Hambourg – Rachet donation, in the memory of their son

1993    Appointed Président d’honneur de la Fête des Marins in Honfleur

1995     Retrospective exhibition, Apestéguy gallery in Deauvillle.

1997   Exhibition André Hambourg et son pays d’Auge, Apestéguy gallery in Deauvillle.
Deauville has inspired over one hundred canvas to André Hambourg.
Most of them are currently collected in the United States, and make part of private collections.

1999    He celebrated with his friends his 90th birthday in Venice

André Hambourg died in Paris on December 4th, and was buried at the Sainte-Catherine cemetery in Honfleur.

2006    Donation to the Musée National de la Marine of a group of works of maritime inspiration by Mrs. Nicole Hambourg, following the wills of her husband.

2009    Donation to the European Court of Justice of all the preparatory drawings to create the 6 large panels decorating the Main Court Room of the Court of Justice.

2011    Donation to the City of Deauville of 538 oil paintings, over 1,200 drawings by his wife Nicole Hambourg-Rachet, as well as a collection of art works made by the couple, including over 800 works (for example L. Foujita, Marie Laurencin, M. Utrillo or K. van Dongen)

2012 Exhibition André Hambourg, International Centre of Deauville

2017 Exhibition André Hambourg, Ombre & Lumière at the Point de Vue of Deauville