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Friday May 31 at 17 p.m. - Electro
It is by drawing on the creativity of electronic music and the freshness of modern pop that Noroy breath comes to life. Born of a friendship between two multi-instrumentalists-singers, the Caen duo offers a colorful electro-pop combining melodies heady, exhilarating rhythms and soaring atmospheres. After two first singles "Thinking" and "Savior" acclaimed by the radios and accumulating more than 500 streams, the Norman duo Noroy released their first EP "Naema" last April.

Friday May 31 at 19 p.m. - Rock / Blues
This trio, delivering a powerful and rhythmic blues rock, was created in 2016 from the meeting of Georges Folkwald, guitarist, Sylvain Lepinoit, bassist, and Julien Rouillard, drummer. The group based in Auray is running at full speed chaining dates in pubs and on many stages. The aesthetic of the combo, of course, not without reminding a certain Texas shuffle à la Stevie Ray Vaughan or ZZ Top, also teases British rock from the 60s (Cream, Ten Years After, Deep Purple) and country rock by JJ Cale or Say Straits.

Friday May 31 at 21:30 p.m. - DJ / Electro swing
DJ Set - Gotham City Swing will make you discover the fantasy of the retro years and the current electronic sounds to relive the atmospheres of a digital evening under prohibition. As a duo or trio, they can dance to Electro swing hits. First in a group, then now in a DJ set with saxophone and voice, they come out of the chorus of the cupboard from the 30s and 40s brought up to date by the force of the remix, when the Andrews Sisters or Ray Charles warm up to the beats of Daft Punk and flow by Eminem ...

Saturday June 1 at 15:30 p.m. and 21:30 p.m. - African Music
Dj Balafon and Lang Chris Kinouani dit Lampo-Das Dj unite to bring to life the spirit of the maquis and popular dance halls of Afro-Africa of the late 70s. A rear projection around sound engravings and rhythmic images original, a performance where percussions, songs and dances, animate a scenic atmosphere "afrofervescente", psyche and modern. A lively setting where all the quintessence of this current comes to life, the time of a ball.

Saturday June 1 at 19:30 p.m. and 21:30 p.m. - Rock / Electro pop
Promising, the young Stéphanois trio is playing in the big leagues: after forty concerts in one year, it has already set foot on the stage of the Olympia. A hybrid style, a basic guitar - bass - drums with formidable efficiency and overflowing energy. Raqoons delivers explosive sound! The rock fundamentals are perfectly mastered, subtly embellished with electro - pop - funk touches. The melodies are catchy, the arrangements refined. Live the atmosphere is dancing, powerful, explosive!

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