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81, rue Eugène Colas 14800 Deauville
+02 31 88 09 52 XNUMX

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- Glass of Champagne * and its patience in hot cold
- 6 Gillardeau oysters
- Labeled foie gras trilogy (our homemade foie gras in terrine, crème brûlée and pan-fried) onion jam, gingerbread toast
- Pan-fried scallops in Isigny butter, topped with its foie gras candy (orange vinaigrette with wild honey)
- Norman hole*
- Grenadine of Breton veal in a unique cooking, coated with its peasant bacon (with or without), caramelized pears, mashed vegetables of yesteryear, creamy king of the mountains (fresh porcini mushrooms)
- New Year's Dessert
- Grand cru coffee and its Valrhona chocolate sweets

128 € / person.


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.