Chloé Chevalier

Guest of the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Chloé Chevalier obtained in 2004 the Diplôme d’Etudes Théâtrales du Conservatoire d’art dramatique du Grand Avignon. She wrote and performed En attendant les beaux jours, ou une tragédie du bonheur. She performed in L’Opéra de Quat’ sous by B. Brecht, staged by Pascal Papini.

In 2008, she obtained a diploma at the CNSAD of Paris.

Since 2009, she has been performing in Sainte Jeanne des abattoirs by B. Brecht, staged by Bernard Sobel, then in Baal, of the same author, staged by Jean-François Matignon. Then, she played in Pylade by Pier Paolo Pasolini, staged by Damien Houssier.

With the Cie of Hasard Objectif, she played in Les deux nobles cousins by Shakespeare, and in Théâtre à la campagne by David Lescot, staged by Sara Llorca.

She worked with Cie Kobal’t. She played in T.D.M 3 and Gibiers du temps by Didier Georges Gabily under the direction of Mathieu Boisliveau and recently in Misanthrope by Molière, under the direction of Thibault Perrenoud.

She joined the company of Brigitte Jacques Wajeman to play a role in Sophonisbe and La Mort de Pompée by Corneille.

She adapted and performed in Molly, monologue of the last chapter of Ulysse by James Joyce, staged by Pascal Papini.

In 2017, she played La source des Saints by John Millington Synge (a new translation by Noëlle Renaude), staged by Michel Cerda; then, in the last creation of de Kobal’t, adapted by Clement Camar Mercier and staged by Thibault Perrenoud : La Mouette by Anton Tchekhov.

She played in En attendant les barbares, a film made by Eugène Green.