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Le Chau-Cuong

2019 Young Talent Springboard

© Chau Cuong Lê for Board (s) Contact 2019
© Chau Cuong Lê for Board (s) Contact 2019
© Chau Cuong Lê for Board (s) Contact 2019

Staring at the sea, standing on the beach

After studying analysis and economic policy, Chau Cuong Lê takes the time to travel. Once a public writer, then employed at Samu Social, he trained in photojournalism in 2003 at EMI-CFD (Paris). At the exit, he co-founded the collective BaSoH and took part in various projects: reports for Catholic Relief, treatment of the 20 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, coverage of the European Social Forum in Paris and London, photo workshops in schools ... The collective adventure ended in 2009.
Today, he divides his time between advertising and corporate orders, and press reports. At the same time, he develops personal projects around the notion of intimacy and family ties, also questions the notion of waiting, of suspended time.
He has been a member of Studio Hans Lucas since 2015, co-opted by Wilfrid Estève.
In Deauville, he drew the portrait of the city through its inhabitants. By meeting adolescents, he wanted to transcribe the atmosphere of the city out of season: the
feeling of emptiness and waiting.

Exhibition at Point de vue, boulevard de la mer.
Open daily from October 19 to November 03, and from December 21 to January 5.
From November 4 to December 20: open on Saturdays and Sundays.
Hours: 10:30 am> 13 pm - 14:30 pm> 18:30 pm.