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Chateau Guillaume-le-Conquérant

Place Guillaume the Conqueror

14700 CLIFF

Spoken languages) :

  • English

Services / equipment:

  • Disabled toilet



Open from May 16, 2020 to Jan 03, 2021


Open until 19 p.m., from July 5 to August 31.
Closed on November 2, 3 and 4, December 25 and January 1.
Closed at 17 p.m. on December 24 and 31.

Monday : 10: 00 à 18: 00

Tuesday : 10: 00 à 18: 00

Wednesday : 10: 00 à 18: 00

Thursday : 10: 00 à 18: 00

Friday : 10: 00 à 18: 00

On Saturday: 10: 00 à 18: 00

Sunday: 10: 00 à 18: 00

Come to Falaise for a historic experience.

Born in Falaise in 1027, Guillaume accomplished his first feat of arms at the castle. He is fifteen years old. His victory is the founding act of the assertion of his power in Normandy. His fabulous epic will guide his steps to England where he will be crowned king.
The dungeons of the Château de Falaise are testimony to this conquest which will profoundly change the history of Europe.
These palace dungeons, defensive huts and stately homes will mark the landscape of this new territory.
Until 1204, these models developed and then gave way to a new architecture, a symbol of the power of the King of France, once again undisputed master of his land.

Today, the context of this long history of conquest, alliances, unrest and pomp is illustrated by new technologies to revive in augmented reality the daily setting of a duke or a king by l of colors and luxury of furniture.

The touch pads given at the start of the route reveal the interiors of the dungeons in virtual reconstruction in a fun and striking way. They are enriched with projections of images, stories and soundscapes.
Also, as soon as you enter the park, a film presents the evolution of the fortifications and buildings of the château over nearly 1000 years of history, and the stereoscopic binoculars of the lower courtyard reveal the angles of view that have disappeared today.

A historic experience to enter the intimacy of the great figures who made the history of this formidable stronghold.

Château Guillaume le Conquérant, reception - Cliff J. Basil

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