Terms of Service

Before connecting, please read the following WiFi service usage charter:

The use of the WiFi service is firstly subject to compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

The use of this service constitutes irrefutable acceptance by the user, without any signature being necessary, of all the provisions and obligations contained in this Charter.

The user acknowledges being in a place open to the public. He undertakes to use both his computer equipment (laptop, personal assistant) and this service, in a manner that complies with the law and with clear etiquette, in particular prohibiting any behavior and any use. contrary to public order and good customs.

In particular, he must not use his material or this service for illegal, illicit, prohibited purposes, that is to say, without this list being exhaustive:
He undertakes to comply with the law and refrains from accessing, putting online or displaying content and information, whether or not coming from an online posting on the Internet network but considered illegal by the texts or the courts such, information, messages, texts, images or videos having a violent character, incitement to violence or hatred, degrading for the human person, pornographic or pedophile and / or having a provocative character and damaging the integrity or the sensitivity of anyone.

The user undertakes to respect the privacy of all persons and the secrecy of correspondence, he is prohibited from intercepting any message and communication sent by means of telecommunications.

It undertakes to comply with the legislation on personal data and automated processing of personal information as well as the legislation and texts relating to copyright, trademarks, patents, intellectual and industrial property . It prohibits any reproduction or use in violation of these laws, whether it is multimedia creations, software, texts, press articles, photos, sounds, images of any kind, brands, patents, designs and models, it being specified that any mention relating to the existence of rights on these elements and / or data and / or files cannot make? subject to deletion and that any reproduction of a work or one of these elements and / or files and / or data without the consent of the rights holder constitutes an infringement.

Within the framework of the use of this service, the user refrains from:

Collect or collect any information concerning third parties without their consent.

Defame, disseminate, harass, stalk, threaten anyone, nor violate the rights of others, create a false identity.

Attempt to obtain unauthorized access to a service and / or to a file or data.

Distribute or download elements containing software or other elements protected by intellectual property rights, unless he holds these rights or has received all the necessary authorizations to do so; to send any spam message or send spamming.

To address any mail and / or electronic message including threatening, insulting, defamatory, obscene, obscene, indecent, illicit words or infringing the rights of the people and the protection of the minors.

Transmit any virus, Trojan horse, logic bomb or any other harmful or destructive program for third parties and / or any user.

Attempt to obtain and maintain unauthorized access to an automated data processing system.

Disrupt the services and / or content and / or data it accesses.

Send chains of letters or offer so-called “snowball” or pyramid sales.

To send any advertising, promotional message or any other form of unsolicited solicitation or canvassing.

It is up to the user to verify that he has the hardware, software, browsers allowing him to use this service. The user remains solely responsible for the security and protection of his connected equipment.
The community of communes C ?? oeur Côte Fleurie and inDeauville, are not responsible for possible connection problems inherent in hardware or software incompatibilities. Their agents do not intervene on the personal equipment of users.

The community of municipalities Coe ?? ur Côte Fleurie and inDeauville can in no way be held responsible for direct and / or indirect damage suffered as a result of the use of the WiFi service by the user, the latter being under the responsibility of users in compliance with this Charter.

The user acknowledges that neither the community of communes C? Oeur Côte Fleurie nor inDeauville can be responsible for the content or services to which he accesses and does not guarantee either the accessibility of the content and services or the speed of? ? use, access to the WiFi service can be suspended at any time without notice.

We inform users of the service that the new provisions applicable in the fight against terrorism imply the obligation to keep for a period of 12 months the technical connection data, namely: sender, recipient, time, duration and place of origin of communications with the exception of their content.

You declare that you have read the whole of this Charter, that you undertake to comply with it and that your equipment, its content and the use of the WiFi service are your sole responsibility.



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