Emma Charrin

Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2017

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out © Emma Charrin, for Planche (s) Contact 2017, Deauville
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out © Emma Charrin, for Planche (s) Contact 2017, Deauville

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Emma Charrin is a plastic photographer born in 1987 in Avignon. For several years, Emma Charrin's photographic practice has been characterized by a fascination for the spectacle. This desire for theater, simulacrum, play, first took the form of narrative and cinematographic staging from its first works, then gradually narrowed towards a research around the notion of decor and potential narrative that it induces.

Inspired by the history and imagery of Deauville, and in the continuity of her previous works, Emma Charrin questions the irruption of fiction into reality through our relationship to space.

Youness Anzane, playwright, about the exhibition by Emma Charrin, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out : 
"Eyes absent from ours, because the bodies are turned or well headed, fix another place. Towards what hidden horizon? They wait or listen. 
The sound of the waves echoes everywhere in There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. It is the only possible noise. Emma Charrin captures the nightlife, that of dreams, improbable encounters. Confusion of materials, incongruity of tones (the green eye behind a drape) and attitudes (the face embedded in the fabric of a tent), circumstantial abstractions (blue surfaces, ghosts of a spa or a chapel) , all this together is part of a world of fringes, of what we neglect in passing, or going to bed early. The shadow of herself, Deauville is reduced here to her fantasies of stucco and spray. 
The only horizon line proposed by the artist dazzles, it seems to refuse to be contemplated, spreads out in mother-of-pearl, like an open, suffering shell. The presence of a single tag reminds us of human fragility, like a black pearl. We are few things. 

At the bottom of the turbid sea, lies the esport of a miraculous fishing, sparkling with jewels of crustaceans, whose glares reflect on the city, shaking its eyelids of sleeping beauty. What obsesses us is hybridization, it is light in its artificiality, the embodiment of skin enhanced with brown algae, encrustations, transformations. The city of Emma Charrin is a casino submerged in a glass box, life is a theater."


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