Philippe Chancel

Photographer invited to the planks contact festival 2020

Philippe Chancel
Philippe Chancel

Guest at the 2020 Contact Plates Festival

Philippe Chancel, particularly noted for his work on North Korea and his large Data Zone exhibition presented at the Rencontres d'Arles in 2019, offers a reflection on the question of sustainability; through the analysis of key places, the scene of issues, wars or natural disasters (the new silk route, Fukushima, Kabul, the Niger Delta, etc.). In residence in Deauville, he worked on the city as a city / film set, "ideal city". 

Born in 1959 in Issy les Moulineaux, Philippe Chancel lives in Paris. For more than twenty years, he has been pursuing a photographic experience in the complex, changing and fertile field, between art, documentary and journalism. A work in constant evolution on the status of images when they confront themselves with what makes "images" in the contemporary world. Introduced to photography at a very young age, Philippe Chancel pursued studies in economics at the University of Nanterre and journalism at the CFPJ in Paris. Successive reports in the former Eastern countries will mark his beginnings in photojournalism. His work has been widely shown and published in France and abroad in the biggest magazines around the world. He gradually affirmed a new approach to documentary photography.
DPRK, his vision of North Korea, was shown for the first time at the Rencontres d'Arles (2006) and was the subject of a book by Thames & Hudson, which earned him the start of a international recognition. Emirates project was presented for the first time at the 53e Venice Biennale (Abu Dhabi Pavilion), then at the Dreamlands exhibition at the Pompidou Center.

Among his works: Dubaï, by Be-Pôles, Desert Spirit, by Xavier Barral, Emirates Workers, by Bernard Chauveau, as well as Kim Happiness and Drive thru Flint by L'Artiere.

Philippe Chancel is currently working on a new documentary field called Datazone, which seeks to show territories that are overexposed or, on the contrary, unknown to media radars. Finalist of the Prix Pictet 2012 for his work Fukushima: The Irresistible Power of Nature, he exhibited at the Rencontres d'Arles 2013, he was nominated for the first Prix Elysée and winner of the endowment of the Festival Photoreporter in Baie de St Brieuc. In 2017, for its second edition, it received the Fidal Prize for documentary photography. In 2019, he presented Datazone at the Rencontres d'Arles.


The Duke of Morny, nephew of Napoleon III, a colorful character and an astute businessman, celebrated the empire in his own way by creating Deauville from scratch. The legend of the prodigious seaside resort is built around this founding myth which has become reality and which gives the impression of an almost too perfect city, of a cinema city, which we still know today; I intend to make an intramural photographic inventory of it as on all the territory which surrounds it. Blonville sur mer, Tourgéville, Saint Arnoult, Vauville, Villers sur mer, Touques, Villerville and others. All along this Norman coast, The events are incessant, the numerous activities, the leisures erected in true art of living: hotels, beaches, casino, horse, well being, architecture and heritage, water sports, tennis, golf and mini-golf , etc. By working on the rigorous framework, at the right distance from the subject so that the images are composed like living and contemporary paintings, allowing the breaks in scales, with a bias of decisive choices, I will try to grasp in any hypothesis than ; if Deauville was shown to me, I would like to see it like that and not otherwise. 

Philippe Chancel


Exhibition from October 17 to January 3, 2020
Lucien Barrière walk. Along the Deauville International Center. Access from Boulevard Cornuché. 
Olympic swimming pool, Boulevard de la Mer.


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