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Deauville Yacht Club - September 3> 7, 2020


The Deauville Yacht Club has been selected by the French Sailing Federation to organize for the first time this championship bringing together 20 to 22 companies

The teams on the Deauville body of water will be exclusively made up of amateur navigators, employees of industrial, commercial companies, or of administrations and local authorities.
20 to 22 companies are expected for this annual event organized for the first time in Deauville, including Airbus, Dassault, Technip, Safran, Thales, Orange, PSA or CEA, that is to say close to 160 sailors who will sail for 3 days on the D80 of the sailing school of the Deauville Yacht Club.

Thanks to this equity in terms of equipment, the crews start on the starting line with the same chances of success, while playing on team spirit, technique and speed of execution.