Alexandre Chamelat


Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2018

Born in Paris in 1990, Alexandre Chamelat undertook science studies and obtained a degree in Informatics. Graduated from the Ecole de Photographie et de Game Design of Toulouse (ETPA), he won the ETPA Great Prize in 2015, and obtained the special mention of the jury. His works essentially result from a journey or a meeting, often closely linked with Men, Earth and Territory. In autumn 2015, he travelled as a woofer to Morocco and shared the daily life of farmers from Tagounite to Marrakech. This initiatory journey is the subject of the The Zaïd Garden series, joining shoots of a journey bordering the Sahara and the intimate environment of the families he has been living with. He is passionate for the technical accuracy of photographic post-processing.